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I am 28 unmarried female. I Have sub clinical hypothyroid. My weight is near about 62 kg .it is enough according to my height which is 5"7 n half inches.

I always have done Total T3 T4 TSH .MY PHYSICIAN is not telling me in a proper way. Even She didn't tell me what type of Hypothyroidism I one give a right guidance about this .What kind of other tests I should have to do to know that I should have start to take thyroid medicine or not.

Please give me your opinion.

My T3 T4 levels are always in normal.

My T3 T4 are always Normal.

My TSH level was

8.56 on 20 jan 2012

7.60 on 28 feb 2013

8.93 on 5 nov 2013

7.03 on 2 dec 2014

So kindly tell me Should I start the thyroid medicine? ? Or should wait for months? ?

If you say yes i should have to take medicine then how much mcg I will have to start 25 or 50 mcg and which company? ?

But I have some doubts. Because Apart from these problems like excessive hair growth on face nd whole body,  pelvic pain, cold hand and feet in winters.

Only I was having these symptoms like thin hair,hair fall,fatigue since only 1year. there's no another any such a symptoms.

Kindly reply me ASAP.I'll be very thankful for your kindness.

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If those results are TSH your doctor is killing you

A healthy TSH is closer to 1.0

Free t4 and free t3 should be in upper quadrant of their ranges

because any TSH over 4.0 is clearly hypothyroid

Save your money and self treat but it also sounds like you have PCOS as well so a good gynaecologist is needed too


ThnQ for Responding. I have done even ultrasound which is absolutely normal.Here Doctors are not investigate deeply :(


What are the T4 and T3 results with reference ranges ?

If TSH is elevated this indicates your body still needs more T3. So the T3 you have is not getting into the cells, or you are low in T3.

So you could have a T3 conversion problem or another problem which concerns getting T3 into the cells. This can often be due to an adrenal hormone problem as cortisol is the hormone which takes the T3 into the cell. Or you could be low in iron.

You may also have hashimotos disease and this means the blood tests results can be all over the place. You need to have the thyroid antibody test to see if you are making excess antibodies. This will indicate hashis and diet can be important when looking into this problem.


ThnQ for responding. T3 level is 1.31 nmol/L,T4 level is 76.58 nmol/L ,TSH level is 7.03 uUI/ML.Which Iron test I should have do iron in urine or Iron in Blood?


I need the ranges and which country are you in ?

Is that TOTAL T4 ? The Free T4 and Free T3 are better understood readings.

If T4 of 76 is TOTAL i think this is a touch low, but as i said i and other readers will need the ranges to understand what they mean.

There is an iron panel you can have. Ferritin is the store of iron and the range can be as low as 20 and up to 220 i think. A woman needs to have ferritin above 70 if successful thyroid usage is to happen.


Yess it is total T3 ,Total T4 and Serum TSH.I can tell you only that my TSH is always raised than normal and T3 ,T4 are always is in normal level..Can you please tell me about types of all tests to know that I should start the thyroid medicine or I shouldn't for the more confirmation.


It's the free T3 and T3 you want, not the total. Your TSH says you are hypo, but you can't tell much from total T4 and T3, it's the unbound stuff that matters to how you feel, although a functional practitioner may get some idea of what is failing and why from seeing both the totals and the frees.


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