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Hi all. Recent blood tests say free t4 level too high at 23.8 pmol/l (12.0 - 22.0).

Serum Tsh level 0.07 mu/l (0.27 - 4.20)

Am I over doing levothyxine ? as I have increased it to 175mg from 125mg in the last month to stop the awful Hashimotos up and downs and the non sleeping periods which were hard to deal with and often resulted in days of no or little sleep and then getting anything bug going around.

Hasn't helped the tinnitus though desperately trying to see if my tinnitus is thyroid related. Clinic says I've got Ménière's disease.

Feel much better generally.

As I said in my last post have got T3 tablets so should I reduce levothyroxine and replace with t3. If I want to try it how much should I start with?

Thanks for all the help.

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Hard to say without knowing what your FT3 and range is... I've been on NDT for over 10 years because when I tried to use T4 only, the stuff backed up in my system as I couldn't use it (convertion to T3 often a problem in Hashi's). So I would be careful of continuing to shove up your LEVO without knowing if you are able to convert it. Have you had TPO done recently? Can you find a sympathetic endo to help you get to the bottom of your hashi symptoms? Are you able to tolerate and have you tried a gluten free diet?


same situation here pretty much, I have gone from under to over since the autumn. My reading in October came out at 28, then early December just slightly over 22 and last week back up to 28 again last week, so I have dropped again by 25mcg. Have always been on 150mcg until last autumn. Am now down to 100mcg and hoping that will settle things but then I am worried my T3 will go too low

That's quite a big jump up in Levo, isn't it normally done by 25mcg increments?


If you feel good I would stay on current dose, but be aware that you might need to reduce ( drop to 150?) if you have any symptoms of over medication - not easy to tell without an Ft3. I always amazes me that your TSH can be over range (but under 10) but that doesn't matter, but if your FT4 is slightly over, they panic.

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