Dark Circles under eyes

Hi everyone.

I have Hashimotos and am currently taking 120 of Levothyroxine solution,.. cant tolerate the tablets,...anyway it has recently been put up to this dose from100 as my TSH came back at 5.8 so waiting for re test.

Yesterday morning I woke up to find I look like I have a black eye,... and the other one is much darker than normal, i do tend to have darkness round my eyes but not like this!!? I also take Lansoprozole on and off for a hiatus hernia and nothing else.

Does anyone else have this it makes me look so tired and ill...help!!

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  • I have had dark circles under my eyes for years (diagnosed with hypo 17 years ago and hypo for about 22 years in total). I always look sleep deprived and tired although that's not the case. Over the years, I have spent a fortune on creams and gels to no avail. I have even started considering medical treatment (injections under they eyes that will make the dark circles fade away). I am not sure if it's thyroid-related, but I cannot recall ever seeing anyone else with circles as dark and visible as mine...:-(

  • Hi anna69

    Thank you for your reply. Yes I have always had darkish patches around my eyes think they are hereditary as my mother did too. Didn't bother me until they suddenly got this bad. I can cover them though. Luckily I am a professionally trained make up artist so I am quite good at it! It would be nice not to have to though! Have you tried Laura Mercier 'secret camouflage', it has two tones one to use first then a lighter one to put on top. It comes in different shades depending on your complexion...try it.

  • Thanks for the tip! I have tried lots of concealers but none has been really good...I will look into the you recommend.

  • It most definitely is hypo related. You should see mine! lol You look ill because you are ill. You are still on quite a low dose of levo. Do you take your Lansoprazole well away from your levo, for optimal absorption?

  • Thanks for your reply Greygoose, Yes I do, I dont take it all the time though only when I need to. I have an appointment at the doctors on Friday and will see what she says. I know that having this condition is an illness but I don't like walking around actually looking ill, I don't think anyone does do they. Its not very good psychologically if you feel you look ill!!?

  • Well, I agree. But there's not a lot you can do about it, is there. :)

  • lanzoprazole blocks absorption of the vitamins and minerals vital for the conversion of levothyroxine t4 into the t3 that every cell in your body needs to function hiatus hernia is common in hypothyroids but that does not mean they have to take such stuff...my husband has HH and used to have black circles under his eyes especially when on levothyroxine

    Strange that on Natural Dessicated Thyroid fir last 12 yrs he has no black circles,no acid from the HH and at 74 is very fit and well

  • Thank you really fedup123

    I will look into this I had a feeling it was either the Thyroxine or possibly the Lanasoprozole. I think I am quite lucky this HH which is small and sometimes causes no trouble but have to be really careful when/what I eat,...so boring

  • PPI's are intended as a short course - perhaps the PIL - Patient Information Leaflet - has something about the duration of treatment. Most Hypos have LOW acid so food ferments in the stomach without breaking down adequately - it is the upward movement of the fermentation that causes the problem. Think of beer fermenting .... Low T3 affects muscular structures and weakens various areas including the oesophagus ....

  • Yes I know but the doctor said it was fine to take it for a few weeks at a time and then stop when i felt I need to,... I don't like taking it but sometimes theres no other way it would seem.

    interesting about the T3 I will look into that.

  • ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/166...

    ...and there are many more references out there to the connections. Sadly something Docs do not do - join up the dots :-)

  • my husband does have to avoid very spicy stuff but is only normally troubled by the HH if he does too much stretching upwards to pick apples off tree etc ..his HH slides ..but on NDT he has had far less problems with it and only very occasionally has to take antacids

  • Does he have to sleep with his head raised because I only ever have acid at night never during the day and it isn't a burn only an acid taste in the morning. I had a gastroscopy very recently which revealed a small HH but nothing else abnormal. I'm starting to think it is coming from something else and nothing to do with stomach related disorder!

  • no he never complains of an acid taste in the morning

    if he does get a problemafter eating he will often take a homeopathic mix of

    chamomilla/chelidonium/carbo veg that tends to resolve it better than most other stuff only if its severe will he take safe antacids

  • I am a panda, honestly, look exhausted and am exhausted.

  • But why is so difficult to find a good cream for this condition? There are hundreds of creams and gels for dark eye circles, but I have not found a single one that's made any noticeable difference. A few years ago, a new product arrived on the market. It's called Hylexin and, since it's more expensive than other products, I thought it must be very good. It did absolutely nothing for me.

  • As you have Hashimoto's, are you on, or have you tried gluten free diet? It might not only reduce symptoms from Hashimoto's, but just might improve dark circles too.

    Do you have recent results for vit D, folate, ferritin and B12? Also have antibodies been rechecked, if they are still high, going gluten free may slowly reduce them.



  • Thank you I have had all of these checked but they need checking again.

    I have heard of going on a gluten free diet and think I will try. But first I am going to leave off the lansoprozole and see if there's any improvement

  • Hello, I was watching Dr Isabella Wentz video of q& a and remembered that she mentioned the Hashimoto hypothyroid connection with the eyes. Here's the links. I hope they are still playing




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