NDT effects on me and a question!

NDT effects on me and a question!

Guys, I'm on NDT for nearly 4 months now. I managed to get a prescription off a consultant from hospital (only 30 days supply tho), but my gp and my endo didn't want to give me next one, so I started to buy it myself. Recently the pharmacy I was getting it without prescription (it's in New Zealand!) stopped accepting Visa/Mastercard cards because of the pressure from big pharmacy lobbyists. So now I'm running out of my supply and don't know what to do!

I'm thinking of going to see private doctor and here's my question. Can ANY doctor prescribe me NDT privately or does it have to be endocrinologist?

Also check my progress :-) photo on the right it's me August last year, and on the left me now. Slimming process started on NDT.

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  • As far as I'm aware it can be any doctor. It's more a matter of whether you can find one who will. I'd advise you to see someone you know does and will prescribe it, rather than someone who can.

    Here is more info: thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/treatm...

    Are you aware of the otc options (ThyroGold etc)? And there is Dr P who I think will talk you through it. And there are certainly many people here who buy it online without a script.

    You look great. I'm glad you've found something that works for you. :-)

  • Trust me, I've read everything I could about that already.. The thing is.. Private doctor (endo) appointment near me is £250!! But if I go for example polish gynaecologist it will be £60... Still private and still same prescription. Also l've never been to private doctor so I don't want to risk alot of money for nothing.. :/

  • I don't know where you are in the UK but I found a private GP currently training in functional medicine. I have other medical issues but put my under medicated thyroid at the top of the list. I paid £250 for the initial home visit and £75 for follow up visits (home visits obviously extra). I had bloods done prior to the first visit and have done some other tests that were advised. And having said on first meeting no way would I get an NDT prescription from that doctor for fear of being struck off after a month of study and consideration I now have a prescription. As I say my health is poor so this needs to be an ongoing relationship for me but I have been pleased with the experience. Although expensive my 8 years plus in bed has to stop at some point! So that is my experience -probably doesn't answer your question because still £250 for the first visit but I now have an interested doctor that feels like an ally. If only the doctors that the NHS pays to look after our health could be so interested.

  • My GP is pretty cool, he will do all the tests for me and stuff, he also apologised for not prescribing NDT for me, it's nice but won't do anything you know.. I mailed a private endo I found on this site, just to make sure she will give me this prescription. I'm in Warwickshire.

  • Would your GP give you a private prescription, rather than an NHS one? You'd have to pay for it, but then you can get it from places recommended by ThyroidUK

  • Can NHS gp give private prescription?!

  • I think so. Mine refused on the basis that she didn't know anything about it, so couldn't monitor my results, which is rubbish.

    Worth a try.

    They just write out the details on their headed notepaper. However you need to check with the supplier what wording is required.

    see this page


    I find Alium Medical helpful and reasonable prices.

  • Thanks this I extremely helpful. I see a light of hope.

  • Could you pm me the name of your doctor? I am looking for one in the North West. Thanks.

  • Ziel,

    Ask the pharmacy you were using what alternative payment methods they accept. Most will accept Western Union or Moneygram when they are unable to accept MasterCard/Visa.

  • They use a NZ payment thing.. Oh well, I will sort it out somehow heh.

  • Ziel, Clutter is right. Most will accept Western Union or Money grams, it is 1 cut above cash. Far more exotic places than NZ accept WU or MG.

    Oh, and PM me the NZ source for NDT w/o 'script, that's a rare find. Thx

  • Wow! You look fantastic! I was with a private doctor for nearly a year and was getting anywhere fast, just spending lots of money but I was one of those with all symptoms but with TSH level around 3-4 in general so dr reluctant to give prescription for meds - just all the nutri thyroid products. I gave up with him and bought the Thai Thiroid online very easily from a large online shopping site- who would think!

    So, I'm sure you will find someone to write the script- but do you really need to?

  • Yes I do, I feel like I came out of the grave after 3 years of, literally, being dead. Words can't describe how my life changed since I'm on NDT!

  • Apologies, I wasn't clear- I meant do you need the private dr or can you source NDT for yourself online as so many do, myself included.

  • Hi could u pm me the name of the Thai thyroid please, and the shopping site please? 😊😊

  • Done

  • Probably safer to know the conversions between the products before taking. How would we know how much to take?

  • There are conversion tables around, try SSTM - and there are clever people on here who can do that for you, Clutter being one of them.

  • Angelica69,

    1 grain NDT is roughly equivalent to 75mcg Levothyroxine. If you are taking more than 75mcg Levothyroxine it is advisable to reduce Levothyroxine dose by 75mcg, start on 1 grain, and titrate Levothyroxine and NDT at 2 week intervals until you are off Levothyroxine.

  • yes

  • I get mine prescribed by a private Functional Medicine doctor. It costs me £22 for the prescription which lasts a couple of months. However there is a consultation fee for the doctor. I see him via skype and its £150 but he is treating me for hashimoto's, adrenal fatigue and hormone imbalance. You can get NDT prescribed by your GP but on a named basis - this means they have to justify giving it to you. I have also heard that you can get it on <site deleted>. I'm on Facebook forums for hypothyroidism and lots of times the members talk about getting NDT from Thailand via sites like <site deleted>. Its worth a try seeing if your GP will give it to you. Ive only been on NDT for about 2.5 months but feel so much better. You look AMAZING! I

  • Could you please private message me the name of your functional medicine doctor and how you source the prescription NDT? (what pharmacy you use or if it's online?)

    Thank you!

  • Me too please x

  • Could you pm me your doctor. I am looking for one in the North West. Thanks.

  • If you have been dealing with a company who you trust,are they able to supply a bank account number that you are able to pay into here in the UK.? The same thing happened to me with regard to non acceptance of cards any longer. I now pay cash into the bank account no. they have given me.Within 24 hours I receive their email to tell me that they have received payment and my order is being dispatched.Of course I realise I am taking a chance paying money up front but so far it is working for me.If it goes wrong then I will have only lost my cash on one order and will stop sending abroad to them and find another way. The only problem I have with it is the HMRC are also tightening up and it seems likely will be charging us every time for importing now , where some orders used to get delivered by the postman with no charge. However, the important thing is to restore our health and well being .If the powers that be try to clamp down on us for trying our best to help ourselves ....... .......?? If I had to get a private prescription,would it create me more problems than paying the £22.59 to HMRC ?

    I hope you solve your problem.

  • Ok I ordered from usual place with international money transfer... Hope it will come to me soon.

  • Right guys, I found a private doctor in Nuffield Hospital in Warwick who is willing to prescribe it! Just received email from her.

  • Is that Dr B?

  • Yep :)

  • Could you please send me her name and contact info? I live in the area too. Thanks!

  • Ho Ziel,

    Either ask your hospital doctor to provide another prescription with "repeat" (followed by the number of times it can be repeated) on the same page, so that you have at least a follow up on that you've only paid for once. Or see another medic who will do this for you. 🤓

  • Hi Ziel,

    Sorry, I can't answer your question, but could you pm me the contact details of the pharmacy you were using in NZ?


  • As far as I'm aware any doctor can give you a private prescription but it depends whether they want to or not because they do have to take responsibility for your care. As the product is unlicensed over here some are very reluctant to prescribe and many are ignorant about thyroid issues in general and tow the party line mantra of Levothyroxine being the only form of medication for all people with thyroid health problems. I've just got some NDT from the USA which states you need a prescription, of which I have a private one, but they didn't ask to see it. I collected my NDT from the local post office because they refused to deliver it because customs have slapped a charge on it. I started on it yesterday and I feel so much better already. PM if you want details of where I got my NDT from.


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