Colonoscopy advice please

Due to some ongoing issues with my nether regions, pain, recurring infections and generally feeling rubbish I had a cystoscopy a while back, which only showed that I had a bit of a kink in one of the tubes that runs from my kidneys to my bladder, resulting in tomorrow's colonoscopy as they now think it may be me bowel..

The question is, due to the laxatives I have to take over the next 24 hours I'm not sure when to take my levotyroxine? I normally take it at 7 in the morning and don't like missing a dose as I'm a bit under at the moment so every one counts, but tomorrow I have to have another dose of the movenprep so not sure what to do! any advice would be welcome.

Thanks in advance. Beccy

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  • Levo lasts quite a long time in the body, so missing a day then taking double the next is unlikely to cause you any problems. Or you could take it after the colonoscopy, once all diarrhoea had stopped.

  • Could you take a dose this evening and then delay the next one until after the colonoscopy and after the bowel prep has reduced its effects? As levothyroxine is the inactive hormone front loading should give you enough spare capacity to carry through until after the procedure.

  • Having had two colonoscopy procedures in the past , I don't think it matters when you take your levo . The movenprep is pretty rigourous but short lived . Best wishes .

    Cheers Skeeter .

  • The instructions that came with mine said to take all medications as you normally do.

  • Tip: use lots of vaseline to protect your backside from corrosive diarrhea. I didn't and it was very painful/sore by the time the movenprep had done it's thing!

    I took my levo as per usual and it was fine.

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