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Any advice I can get please ?

Hi my name is Juan Gonzalez and I have hypothyroidism I'm an 18 year old male . I've wanted to say I just got an anxiety attack like 1 hour ago and we'll have had some previous ones before but I'm pretty sure and know for a fact that all my attacks come from my stress , I have stress of having a bit of struggle thru daily stuff like work and understanding people , and I have stress from feeling g hopeless like if I'm never going to get any better , I also have brain fog and I really think my cortisol is low but I don't have the money for the tests and stuff , and we'll my thyroid systems sometimes stress me out to , any advice I can get on tis please .

I take 75mcg levothyroxine , is there any suppliments I can take I know I need vitamins but can some one please help ?

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Welcome Juan

I am sorry you have hypothyroidism at such a young age. What you describe is very common amongst hypothyroid people and the sensations are very unpleasant. These sensations usually occur when we are undermedicated and or when the doctor keeps our hormone levels within the range, particularly the TSH.

75mcg is a low dose of levothyroxine. You are a young man and growing still so you might need more levothyroxine or the addition of T3 (also known as liothyronine) to your T4 (levothyroxine).

Please get a print-out of your blood test results for your thyroid gland, with the ranges and members will comment on them.

If your doctor hasn't tested your Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, iron, ferritin and folate as we are usually deficient ask for these to be tested.

If you've not had a blood test for a while (you should have one every 6 weeks with an increase in levo until you fell well) make an appointment for a new one and ask for TSH, T4, T3, Free T4 and Free T3 (this is the most important one but for some reasons doctors are reluctant).

In order to recover our health to 'more or less' normal' we have to read and learn and be our own advocates as many thousands of doctors nowadays are unaware of clinical symptoms of hypothyroidism and believe that if the TSH is 'within range' any other symptoms are due to something other than the thyroid gland, when they are most likely due our hypothyroidism and insufficient or not being able to have an alternative or the addition of T3.

Best wishes

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I have re-read your post.

It is very frightening to have a panic/anxiety attack and it is common when our hormones aren't at an optimum level. We have to learn to control them and know it is difficult but when we understand the reason is because it's our hormones it is a little bit reassuring.

It is always better to know if we are deficient in vitamins before we supplement but if money is a problem, you can purchase Vitamin B12 methylcobalamin (not cyanocobalamin) sublingual tablets as we are usually low. You cannot overdose on B12 as the excess is excreted in your urine. Vitamin D might be a problem but if you get plenty of sun on your body it should be at a good level.

As all of your symptoms appear, to me, to be due to being undermedicated ask your doctor to increase levothyroxine. If you are able to get liothyronine prescribed (1/2 tablet initially) instead of the increase in levo as it is the main Active hormone our receptor cells need you may feel a lot better.

If your doctor does a new blood test he may only do the TSH which should be, preferably, around 1 or below and some of us need it suppressed. With hypothyroidism, it means slow so everything is usually slow until our medication is optimum.


Juan, I agree with everything Shaws has told you. I've got Graves which is the opposite of hypo but when I was being treated I became hypo and I had palpitations again, my body felt awful, everything was racing, my heart was pounding, I felt all hyped up again. probably like you do when you say you feel anxious. It's really unpleasant and I thought somehow I had become hyper again (I hadn't) but someone on here told me I was probably not getting enough thyroxine and that was exactly what was wrong. So that's a possibility for why you feel bad.

I'm pretty sure you will get better, it just takes a bit of working at. My first post on here was 'will I ever feel normal again?' And yes I do although I couldn't imagine it back then, so you will too. Remember to be kind to yourself.

Read as much as you can about thyroid problems, get your doctor to do a full thyroid profile not just TSH - check all the other things Shaws has said because it is important for them to be well up in their ranges - that's the numbers in brackets beside your test results doctors often say you're fine when in actual fact your results can be low in the range. So you want to top up any that are low. I take Vit D and B12 because I was low in both and I also take 1000mcg Vit C because it's good for all sorts of things and you can't take too much - it's water soluble so any extra you just pee out.

If you click on my name you can find my profile and there's a link to a good little video that shows the vitamins you need to help your thyroid.

You can help your body be eating good food rather than junk food, a lot of people find avoiding gluten helps them feel better so you could look into that. Exercise might help with your stress but don't go overboard and wear yourself out that won't do you any good at all. You could read a bit about 'mindfulness' that's supposed to be good for de-stressing.

Good luck, you've come to a good place for support 😊


Thank you all and we'll my doctor is a great doctor and seems to know about thyroid a lot and he uppered my dose just last week from 50 to 75 mcg and even with no tsh test that he had done , my previous tsh test used to be .

12.65 normal (0.34 - 4.34

5.15 normal (0.34 - 4.34)

4.30. Normal (0.34 - 4.34)

And this time I didn't have my levels checked and he said that I might feel better if my levels are lower around 1 and that to him the tsh don't matter that he's going to by what I feel my symptoms .. but on the other lab results he's bit more difficult to try to get them , he says I'm young and that I don't need vitamins and that my cortisol is ok because I have facial hair .. he did recommended these 2 vitamins = B-Complex and Centrum Silver .. here at home I've got a bottle of magnesium tablets and B12 , so in this case what should I do ?


I was feeling so great this week like I actually felt normal for about the whole time of the day except when I would or at night and this anxiety attack happened and it threw my off I have palpitations right now and my breathes are abnormal to . Is there anything I can do to kill the anxiety? And I think I do need a t3 medication. I've heard of cytomel and armour such is both t3 and t4


Assuming that 4.3 is your latest TSH test you probably still need a higher dose of levo but your doctor is right not to increase it too quickly. Your body needs time to adjust. It will take time to get to the proper dose for you and in the meantime I'm afraid you will probably still get symptoms such as panic attacks. They are horrible, I know, but they will pass as your body adjusts to the medication. Your doctor sounds good if he will treat according to symptoms not just the TSH - you are lucky. Do tell him next time you see him about these attacks. B complex certainly may help - you can buy a good make like Lifeplan for not too much. Centrum Silver is just a multi-vitamin - won't do any harm anyway.

I remember from before I got treatment the feeling that I would never get better - it weighs you down. When you are in the middle of something like this you feel alone and you can't see a way out, but people on this forum will help you, and as I said you sound as if you've struck lucky with your doctor. Nothing lasts for ever - you will see a change but it may take time, hang onto that.


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