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Endo doesn't want to listen!!

Hi iv just come back from seeing my Endo ( what a waste of time ) he didn't want to listen to what I had to say instead he said he wanted me to go back on the Levothyroxine 100mcg a day and then have blood test after 6 weeks he also did he wanted to test me for Addison's disease? I don't know what to do as I'm taking thyrogold On my way! Feeling better on it not wonderful but better than Levothyroxine? Would love some advice ad to what I should do , as I feeling absolutely deviated I can not believe how ignorant thes Endo can be and why they don't want to listen to us were the ones that have to live like this ? and I told him that 😁 Any help would be great many thanks claire x

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I can't give any advice but sympathise as I am having the same battle. I am trying to gain as much info as possible from people here. I am sure someone will be along soon to help.

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Thyrogold isn't a strong as the porcine versions of NDT. You will have to take quite a lot to be equivalent to 100mcg of Levothyroxine. Have you got any recent blood test results? (with the ranges). It is quite possible that you are undermedicated on 100mcg. It has been known for doctors to undermedicate their patients (ie it's very common).


Oh gosh just had a refferal to endo im in wales...dreading it


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