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Doctor will not listen!!!!! going to an endo please help does anyone go to the endo at Salford Royal?

Hi, I have come on for a rant to vent my frustration with like minded people ,I know at least someone will listen..Appologies in advance.Before I start I have been hypothyroid for 5 years and never felt well,I am on 100mg of levothyroxine.

So I have just come back from my doctor who will not test to see if I have antibodies for my thyroid, will not text me for coeliac disease even though I had a recommendation off to be tested,(she said its my ibs) i am breathless and have palpitations after going up my stairs exhausted daily.she said there is nothing wrong with me as everything is in range (my iron and vD are at the very bottom of the ranges) she said even if they were at the top I wouldn't feel any better.She then asked if I was depressed argh!!!!!!I told her I threw them away last month.She said she would refer me to an endo but will struggle as there is nothing wrong with me.

I am just scared that the endo will be just as useless as her.Can anyone advise what questions I should ask.I felt confident today going to see my doctor she would listen and help me out after researching for three weeks.I got loads of advice from here and Facebook groups and went in armed with notes. I have never felt so angry with a doctor and am completely disgusted with how she treated me. It's like doctors are the enemy. I just gave up in the end ,at least I am being referred. Does anyone have any experience with Salford Royal? I actually work there in pharmacy aseptics so I can get help being referred quicker through occupational health.

If this fails I will self medicate

And breathe 😊 I feel better already

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Have you already got any results that include T3?

What was your Vit D result? Have you got a result for your B12?

If you haven't got a full TFT panel, are you in a position where you can buy one online?

Someone on here said "If you're still fat and symptomatic, your meds aren't working" - what wise words, so let's get back to basics with some test results and build a bigger picture from there.

Big hugs to you.

H x


Hi thanks for your reply my B12 is 531ng/l (211-911)

My serum ferritin is 18ug/L (10-291)

Vt d is 56 (50-150)

Tsh 0.31

T4 17.1

They won't test for t3

I am

Ready to self medicate as I know these are not great and buy some ndt. I just wanted to see the professionals first.Do you think it's a waste of time going to see an endo?

I was pretty sure my doctor would test for coeliac as I want to go gluten free


Yeah, having just your TSH and your T4 results are frustrating as they only give a small fraction of information.

I saw a decent endo (in West Yorkshire - you're not that far away, I can pass his details on) - personally it was worth visiting him because he thinks my Hashi's is due to my neck and back getting wrecked when I was pregnant with twins. He is also hot on Vit D and prescribed me huge doses as I was deficient. I was veering off in the wrong direction in regards to my thyroid but he had a *proper* look at me and saw something entirely different. He was very holistic in his approach so yes, I'd see him like a shot tbh.

It was also extremely worth while for me to get a full set of TFTs from Blue Horizon. It clearly showed me that my T3 was low and despite being on Levo for 5 years - and not getting any better that T3 was one of the problems. I then decided to self-medicate with NDT.

So it's good to pull together all the pieces of the puzzle and feel better as a result.


ferritin 18? What are you doing to increase it? You wont feel better till you do and seeing an endo is fairly pointless if the iron is still too low.

If you havent done anything to raise you ferritin, i suggest you go to your lical tesco or whoever has a pharmacy, tonight.... and at least buy some spatone sachets...... Apple flavour is tolerable


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I take some iron with Vit C from Holland and Barrett.I asked my doctor if I was at the top of the range would I feel better..she said no


She is wrong, or lying. Holland and Barrat might be ok, there are lots of different versions of iron, some are much more effective than others..... If you do a google search of ...'low ferritin and thyroid' tons of info comes up....

solgar gentle iron and blue bonnet iron are brands i have seen mentioned a few times.



Thanks for your help X


You can buy the same ferrous fumarate that you would be prescribed in Tesco pharmacy for half the cost of a prescription. Spatone isn't really strong enough to do anything if you are really low - and it's expensive.


What were your latest test results? If you can get them and post them on here you'll get an educated appraisal.

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