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Blisters and ulcers

I have had blisters on the back of my throat and tongue for 6 weeks now. So sore and I am so fed up with it. Went to dr about 5 weeks ago as I had been throwing up and had a sore throat he said it was a throat infection. He gave me antibiotics and melds for thrush on tongue. Week after I got a chest infection and he told me to gargle. Week after got throat losengers and week after that told I was run down. So after blood test for thyroid came back ok and b12 was ok he said I was dehydrated and run down. Have to go back Wednesday for next appointment and sick note. Throat very sore again today called to ask for appointment for today, nothing available. Fed up throat is blistered again and finding it uncomfortable to swallow. Any ideas to help me before Wednesday.

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Will they refer you to a specialist (oral meds or dermatology)? It could be lichen planus or Behcet's (both autoimmune). It could also be completely benign, but if they don't know what it is they should refer you to someone who does!


When you say your results were OK - what do you mean ? B12 needs to be around 1000 if you have a thyroid problem..... Please post your results with ranges if possible.

Hope you soon feel better.

I gargle with Citricidal when I have a sore throat.....allegedly not good for thyroids - but it rids me of a sore throat :-) Citricidal is Grapefruit Seed Extract.

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