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Desperately Seeking Cynomel

I take daily T3, Cynomel 25mcg. But my usual pharmaceutical supplier (in Mexico) has not been able to stock Cynomel for nearly a year. I cannot find a reputable online supplier anywhere.

I was advised Cynomel by Dr.Peatfield in 2010, he has monitored me on Cynomel and it suits me very well. However, I do not have an NHS prescription, as my GP is not co-operative.

Does anyone know of a supplier? <>

warm wishes


PS: I am down to my last 80 tablets now!

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Have just sourced and ordered Cynomel 25 mcg from <an online source>

It is a bit fiddly to pay as you have to sent by Western Union or by Swift. But they will credit your account with any charges on proof of charges incurred.

I have ordered before from them. It looks a bit odd to start with, as they are trying to get round US restrictions imposed on them, by having an agent based in California.

It is definitely the Cynomel I am used to, by Grossman Labs.

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It cannot be Cynomel from Grossman. They are not telling the truth. You will see, when it arrives it will be some other T3. I can guarantee you that because it happened to many before you.


rowan-1, please could you PM me the same T3 info. Thanks.


can i get a pm with the info as well please ,my usual place hasn't got any and I'm struggling to find any


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