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Confused over private and NHS test results


Hi all

I had some thyroid 24 hour urine tests done with Genova Diagnostics in October and the results were

T3 - 258 pmol (range 800 – 2500)

T4 – 422 pmol (range – 550 – 3160)

T4 : T3 ratio – 0.61 (range 0.50-3160)

I was advised to go back to my GP and ask for more tests, which I did before Christmas and have just picked up a copy of the blood tests results, which just says Normal – No Action for Serum free T4, Serum TSH and Serum free T3, with no actual results or ranges. I had the blood tests done on 23rd Dec at the hospital and the date the results were entered by a GP at the surgery says 24th December, which seems unlikely they would have the results the next day. Anyone else had this experience or can offer any suggestions on what is going on? I have another appointment with the GP next week, so would appreciate any advice. Thanks.

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Yes, it is perfectly possible the results were there the next day. Testing goes on night & day at most hospitals & frequently requested tests like these have a very fast turnround. (I work in a hospital lab)

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Thanks HarryE. That's helpful. The phlebotomist at the hospital did say they would take approximately a week, but maybe they had a particularly quiet day at it was Christmas eve! Any idea why my print out doesn't state the actual figures or ranges though?

HarryE in reply to Hidden

I suppose they don't want to tell people in case they start chasing the next day! The figures & ranges will be there somewhere, maybe the GPs didn't want that to go out? Go back & ask for the proper results, if they refuse put it in writing to the practice manager. Or ask the GP at the appointment?

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Thanks Harry, I will do.

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