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Mild HyPOparathyroidism

Hi all, I have a bit of a problem,in October I seen my Endocrinologist ,and his computer was down,so he said he would write to me when he'd seen my blood results,which was just the General TSH that the UK do.

Well when I finally got a letter after quite a few emails,and phone calls,it stated

Mild hyperparathyroidism ,well after speaking with a friend,she said my blood test didn't make sense .Well I'm hopeless when it comes to the thyroid,I know it's important,but that's about it,she said it looked more like hyPOparathyroidism so I thought maybe a typing error,so I emailed his secretary ,and she said yes it was a typing error. My problem being I know nothing about this decease or how I can help myself,I aslso don't know how he's come to this conclusion without any other test.

Really I'm left not knowing what's wrong with me,hyperparathyroidism / or hyPOparathyroidism ,so I asked to have my appointment brought forward but that's not till the middle of Febuary.

Can anyone out there give me any advice. I would be very grateful .

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Do you mean parathyroid rather than thyroid as they are different ? If you want to post your results I can maybe help interpret them.


Thank you bantam,But I can't see where I can put my bloods up.


Just reply to your own post, and put your results in the post. :)


Gemini, type the results into a reply to Bantam12 and she will receive notifications that you've replied.

Alternatively, click on the v down arrow underneath your post and select Edit, and scroll down past the text box and click on Add Photo to upload your results from your PC/phone. You'll still need to alert Bantam12 by reply that the results are available.


Gemini if you are the same Gemini on our parathyroid forum you can post on there and I can reply, possibly more appropriate as other hpth members will see it.


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