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Sorry to post again

Feeling really low and having a cry.

I am doing a private Blue Horizon thyroid panel next week. You all know my GP has been useless, they all have as I have tried a few. TSH was 4.9 in 2013 and Free T4 10.4. In August 2015 TSH was 5.35 (after eating breakfast and taken at 9am and T4 11. In December 2015 my TSH was 2.95 (0.35-5.50) T4 10.2 (7.0-17). My Gp says my thyroid is fine. My recent test was taken at 1pm after breakfast and a snack. The previous 2 were morning results after breakfast. My mother has hypothyroidism as do most of her family.

I feel so upset. I suffer with anxiety, I have for 3 years, a traumatic event brought it on but I did start to improve and was getting out again, life was good then last May I started with horrendous fatigue. I was exhausted no matter how much sleep I had, weak, brain fog.... I started being anxious going out of my house due to how weak I felt. This escalated and by August I felt terrible. I rang my GP and he said he thought it really was my thyroid so he ran tests but he said they were fine. My B12 was 212 which was low end of normal, range here is 150-900 I think. My ferritin was 15 but it's always been low. Recent test I got the B12 up to 501 and Ferritin to 31 which is very good for me.

About 6 weeks ago I went through alot of stress as my son was ill and my daughter ended up in hospital sick. It all became too much and I had awful anxiety again, wouldn't go out. What made me want to stay at home was how fatigued I was and I started with a floor moving feeling when I walked. I had this for a month and I was terrified. My GP came out twice, took bloods and did all kinds of tests as I was terrified I had a brain tumour. Well things improved for 2 weeks dizziness wise, still fatigued but dizzy alot less, Iwas 90% better on that front. GP had said stress was causing me to feel I was walking on a boat. Great I thought. Well at the weekend I felt terrible. The day before I had done an hours yoga, nothing streneous but longer than I usually do. I woke the next day with awful fatigue and achy muscles, I was more tired than I have ever felt, with that I felt woozy when I walked and weak. I lay on my bed and lying flat I felt the room was dizzy for a few seconds I sat up and I felt my head wobbled inside then once upright for about 10 seconds it calmed. Well I panicked and since then I am back worrying there is something serious wrong, it's flared up my anxiety again. I am going to give it a couple more days then maybe call my GP Thursday but he will just say it's anxiety but I know it's not. I know this fatigue is making me feel so dizzy and weak. I feel awful. This isn't like me. I cry alot about it. It's destroyed my life being so tired. I can't go out alone as I am far too frightened to feeling this weak and woozy. Every day I feel drained, fatigued, sleepy after even a good sleep, off balance and dizzy. My legs feel weak alot. I have anxiety because of how i feel not anxiety causing how I feel. I am a pro at anxiety and I know the difference. It's feeling like this that's making me anxious. I took my BP this morning and it was a little low which isn't like me so now I am afraid i will faint (I have a real fear of this). Feeling like this is really playing havoc with me.

A year ago I was running, working out, doing yoga... now I can't work out at all, always tired, weak, tearful..... I am not depressed I am just fed up and afraid.

Sorry to ramble I just needed to get this out. I am upset and afraid.

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I am sorry you are feeling so miserable. With TSH results like that you would be treated in most other countries. It just seems to be in the UK where we let people suffer. If it was me I would buy in some Levothyroxine or NDT and self treat, but not everyone is happy doing that. I hope you get some good advice from others on this forum soon.


Thank you eeng for your supportive message :-)


Hi Jingyd35,

I'm sorry you're felling so awful. Could you ask you Doc about Vertigo. Your symptoms of dizziness and feeling like your on a boat point in that direction.

I'm surprised your GP hasn't prescribed a simple tablet for this. It's to do with your middle ear and can be a very frightening as you feel the floor is closer than it really is.

Please look it up and check the symptoms and mention it to him on Thursday.

I'm not a Doctor. I had it a few times myself.

Keep well my Dear.



Yes he said my ears were fine both times he checked me. He did give me stemetil to try if it continued but it eased off. I don't like taking medication. Hopefully it will ease again.

Thank you. x

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Just remember not to take your meds before the BH blood test as it skews the result

Please don't let the nhs destroy your life - you can get ndt online and get your life back: I did

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What is NDT? I don't take any thyroid meds.


Hi Jingy35, here's a link that will tell you about NDT 😊


Try to have your next tests as early in the day as possible, 1pm could have skewed your results to looking good!


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