Temporal mandibular Jaw Joint Dysfunction

Temporal mandibular Jaw Joint Dysfunction

Hi I'm Nicky and I'm a 48 year old lady, my working back ground is of a Qualified Nurse,

In 2005 I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism, and went into Thyrotoxic crash and I was having horrendous night sweats, I would wake up cold and my nightwear would be soaked, I can liken it to putting clothes on straight from the washing machine. I was prescribed Carbimazole and I'm pleased to say that my Thyroid function has remained stable.

Christmas 2008/9 I had a near life ending experience regarding my COPD. I have many complex medical health problems and I have now been medically retired by Occupational Health. In March 2015 I underwent Bilateral Jaw Joint Replacement surgery.

I just wanted to share my photos from my Jaw Joint Replacement Surgery.

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  • sounds painful. good to see you look well after surgery.

  • Thank you, to be honest it wasn't as bad as I was anticipating... I think my sons were looking forward to a bit of peace and quiet, unfortunately for them, I was able to talk, lol... Eating was a new experience, and my first kebab took 45 mins to eat, it was cold by the time I had finished it but it did taste good.

  • Thanks for sharing. Are you now Hypo ?

  • Your welcome, it's difficult to answer that Marz, since taking Carbimazole for a year my Thyroid function has been ok, I'm now not on any medication....my mum has under active thyroid and takes Thyroxin....

  • Do not want to add to your woes - however do you have any blood test results you could post - with ranges if possible. Was it your GP that said they were OK - or did you actually see the results yourself ?

  • The Thyrotoxic crash/ diagnosis was in 2005, I do have a blood test result from when I was in Hospital having my jaw joint surgery. I will seek it out and share it...I may have to post it in a new post as I'm a bit la la on computers ...

  • Hi Marz, I have just posted the results but it's too small to read, so I am just going to post another one with it enlarged

  • It looks like a horrible thing to have gone through. I'm glad it all worked out well for you in the end.

  • Thank you human bean, In the beginning it was quite tough, talking was difficult and I had to ask people to allow me time to say what I needed to say, I still have times where talking gets tiring....other than that I think the whole process has gone as well as it could of given my medical health.

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