Facial and jaw pain ?

I have posted this before but so many of you mention facial and jaw pain I thought I would post again in the hope that it helps some of you understand what may be causing it . This is an excerpt from an endocrinoigists lectures , "Normally hypothyroid disease does not cause localized pain in the throat or neck or referred pain to the face ear or dental structures. One exception that occasionally occurs, is pain that arises from hashimotos thyroiditis , which is an autoimmune inflamatory disease of the thyroid gland . It can cause pain or tenderness to the thyroid and in a small percentage of cases pain can be referred into the mandible or other sub mandibular sites . NOTE:: the mandible is the lower jaw submandibular is the area beneath the lower jaw !" I had this pain for years but not one doctor connected it to my thyroid

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  • That's interesting I have jaw issues had to have Botox for the pain have since read that can cause thyroid problems so not had another course of this x

  • Hi Jaybrooke. Do you have a link for that?

  • This excerpt is from a library book I was reading a few years ago I copied it to show my endocrinologist as he said the pain in my jaw ear teeth must be caused by something else it had nothing to do with my thyroid but even reading this he said it was rubbish and if I wanted to research I should read his book!!!! The book is "a students notes from an endocrinologists lectures". I also read up on de quervains thyroiditis which has similar symptoms pain in ear jaw face teeth as a main symptom., but after going through a first stage of hyper symptoms followed by a second stage of hypo symptoms it seems to wane and you become well again . This isn't me as I still had the pains 19 years later and I was eventually diagnosed with hashimotos after a thyroid ultrasound but you probably know how difficult it is getting the right treatment , not allowed T3 or NDT only thyroxine .

  • Thank you. I will be researching the points you've made. My ENT doesn't think pain in my ear has anything to do with my vertigo episodes. My GP doesn't think my thyroid has anything to do with them either.

    I feel as if I'm being made to fit the boxes they've got.

  • Hi - one of my symptoms was a clicky jaw. I would have a shooting pain on chewing which was like a knife plunging in my face below the ear. Doctor said ask dentist! Thankfully it has cleared up now that I am on the levothyroxine/T3 combination. (Actually it cleared up as soon as I started the levothyroxine).

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