Intermittent jaw pain

Evening all

I've recently just added t3 to my treatment for hashis/hypothyroid and I feel it's going well. It's been 10 days and taking 25mcg along with 75mcg levo (originally was 175/200). Taking it slowly with the dose and want to prove to my GP/ eventually see y endo that this is the right thing for me which I hope it is! Mood is better and energy levels more consistent and past few days not as fatigued.

Anyways, my question. Does/ has anyone suffered from intermittent intense jaw pain on one side? It's been on an off for a while but this week it's been a daily occurrence. Teeth and mouth seem healthy so was thinking it may be related to my goitre? Had a thyroid scan last June which confirmed a goitre but no further tests or new for FNA.

Genuinely feel a difference in a positive way health wise, long May it continue!

Thanks all x

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  • could be TMJ - first check your Vit D levels and irons ferritin, folate B12. (magnesium & K2 also recommended with Vit D3, and others....)

  • Oh I see your previous post about low Vit D.

    My shins hurt worse to start when I supplemented THEN everything got better!

    (I took 1000iu, didn't make much difference until I had 4000iu daily - biocare drops - and sunshine of course!) :D

  • Thanks sparerib, thankfully the weather in york has been delightful of late so me hopes that will help! Seems to be the way of life, things getting worse before they get better! X

  • it seems we tend to be prone to deficiencies/low vital minerals - we correct one thing and this reveals or unbalances another - it's a puzzle, but we'll get there! J :D x

  • I have had this since April, really severely for a month (lived off painkillers) and then intermittently. I have been to the dentist nine times but despite having two teeth removed and four fillings repaired (possibly unnecessarily but I was begging him to find the issue) no improvement and dentist says it's not dental related. I'm having an MRI scan in a couple of weeks to see if they can find anything pressing on the nerve.

    Commiserations to you as the pain is truly horrid.

  • The pain is pretty horrific, the only consolation is that when it comes it only lasts a few minutes. Good luck with your MRI claudiasmum and do keep me posted. Have they thought it could thyroid related? X

  • No, no-one has mentioned the thyroid and it didn't occur to me either until I saw your post. Will let you know if they find the cause.

  • A few years ago I started to get severe pain starting immediately in front of my left ear. I always describe it as like being hit by a bullet - but (not surprisingly) that has never happened to me so the description is fanciful.

    The pain would continue for minutes to hours after the initial bullet. At times it would go along nerves across parts of the left side of my face. I also became incredibly sensitive to even the slightest draught - even if not cold. Used to wear a hat and scarf almost all the time.

    Had MRI. Had dental checks.

    Eventually started to take B12 as I had read of some people finding it help with tinnitus. No help whatsoever with tinnitus, but slowly my pain resolved. I didn't need codeine or tramadol. Cool air was OK.

    Still get occasional bullets, but far, far less frequently and, even when they happen, they are a bit less severe. Nasty rather than unbearable.


  • Yes I have had TMJD prior to diagnosis and treatment but it has gone now.

  • do you think it was the Thyroid treatment eased TMJ? x

  • I think the TMJD was a symptom of my hypothyroidism in the earlier stages. I had very early onset of osteoarthritis (23yrs old) causing trapped nerves in my neck and paralysis of my limbs - one at a time thank goodness. I got other joint problems like frozen shoulder and Achilles tendinitis. The TMJD resolved after about 3 years but long before I was treated for hypothyroidism. I had a whole raft of other hypo symptoms that were just dismissed and later labelled as menopausal - I gave up even going to to the doctors in the end and bleating on about my grandma, mother and sister having thyroid problems and might that have something to do with my symptoms, but just being ignored. I since discovered my mother's sister also had hypothroidism. I have read there is a connexion with TMJD and hypo. I nearly died of it and had to argue for blood tests even when I was extremely ill and knew I had to get help fast. I do not know why it went away but the frozen shoulder did - after physiotherapy. I had an op for the Achilles tendinitis. My latest is a baker cyst in my knee, the medicos say it is nothing to do with hypo but I just know it has to be related given all the other stuff I have had. I have told them that as well. They probably think I am nuts.

    This article has some interesting info about TMJD and hypothyroidism. From what I can grasp, it appears to be caused by abnormally slow muscle contraction due to hypo.

  • thank you TSH for the link, thought I'd seen it somewhere!

    Ow you've been through the mill, I too had frozen shoulders, trapped neck nerves, carpal & cubital tunnel symptoms. Various bouts of unexplained toothache (often accompanied by with a cold) the dentist found nothing, although I always had bad teeth anyway - all much better since vit D sorted. I have managed to dodge a few ops, so far..... crosses fingers... (except the PT op)

    Now having problems with walking a distance & below calves seizing up - there was a video which showed the 'old-fashioned' hypo slow reflex test, I'd found it on youtube I think. Something else to sort. Yes I avoid the condescending GP too (got asked if I self-harmed last time & I only went about an insect bite!) J :D

  • For a while my teeth really ached yet there was nothing wrong with them my teeth are like granite! I am sorry to hear about the mobility issues I did have episodes of feeling like my legs were turning to jelly but these have stopped since swapping to NDT from levothyroxine and I generally feel stronger although doing anything that involves lifting my arms above my head is very painful and I can't sustain it for more than a few seconds. I do hope you are able to get those legs back to rights again.

    What in earth has self harming got to do with an insect bite? Do they think you deliberately encourage insects to savage you as some form of self flagellation? Bonkers!

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