shocking blood test results of using 400mcg levothyroxine

shocking blood test results of using 400mcg levothyroxine

I have been using 200mcg of levothyroxine for many years to speed up metabolism. I feel good with this dose and the blood test was in normal range. yea, not bad.

I want to weight loss so I decide to use 400mcg for a month to see the results. I feel very energetic and never feel cold. also always motivated , moise skin, and a lot of benefit. but I didn't lose any weight, may be because I eat a lot as well. The only observed side effect is my heart beat is around 100 per minite.

The blood test with 400mcg looks kinda scary.

I will stop taking levothyroxine for a week and dose with 200 mcg again. I was worried that I am a person with not converting t4 to t3 so I ordered some t3 tiromel a week ago. seems i don't need to use it if t4 works.

I am using the actavis brand levothyroxine 100mcg (this is the only over the counter t4 medicine in Hong Kong and we do not have any t3 medicine).

I always take the medicine in the morning 0700 just right before the breakfast. the blood test is taken at 1730 in the evening.

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  • Hello hkmuffin

    Welcome to our forum.

    If you felt well on 200mcg Levothyroxine, then that is a more suited dose for your body.

    400 mcg Levothyroxine is a massive leap as Levothyroxine should only be increased in small increments. Your test results depict the increase with TSH far too low and T4 & T3 far too high. It is dangerous to have levels this high and might bring about symptoms seen in hyperthyroidism; palpatations, anxiety, sweating and shaking.

    Any unused hormone may be converted into reverse T3 that will block the cell receptors making them unavailable for T3 and thereby reducing the efficiency of your meds.

    I would urge you to return to your usual dose asap. Levothyroxine has a long half life and the (majority of the) additional T4 may take a week or longer to be excreted from the body. This means you may continue to experience symptoms for a while even after stopping the increased dose.

    Weight loss would be better addressed by looking at a healthy diet of regular meals and optimal iron and nutrient levels. Cortisol inbalances, insulin and leptin resistance and RT3 will all encourage weight gain.

    It is important to take your pill on an empty stomach with a glass of water, 1 hour before food, 2 hours before supplements and 4 hours before calcium, iron or vit D supplements.

    I can not comment on your T4-T3 convertion without previous results as these results do not give a clear picture of your usual thyroid function.

    It is generally recommended to have a TFT early morning when TSH is at its highest. This however is probably not applicable in your case.


    Tips for losing weight


    Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


  • thank you. I will stop levo for a week and do 200mcg after that.

  • I completely agree with Flower. Using high doses of levothyroxine is not effective for weight loss and this approach was abandoned years ago.

    Your blood test levels of the thyroid hormones are far too high. This is indeed dangerous and doubling the dose of levothyroxine that you were on was a massive increase. Levothyroxine is normally adjusted by small increments of 25mcg or less each increase being left for 4-6 weeks to allow the body to adjust. It is important that you maintain the thyroid hormones within the range of the blood test -people normally feel well when in the upper third of the range. So you can see what you have done is given your body a massive shock and this could well be very dangerous.

    You say your heart beat is 100 per minute -this is a symptom of being over dosed on your thyroid hormone. It is vital you drop your tablets back to where they were. Personally I think you need to seek medical attention where they can advise you as you may need to come off the tablets for a few days to help the levels to drop -however you should not do this without proper medical supervision. At the very least go back to your original prescribed dose and I urge you to see a doctor.

    There is no easy route for weight loss. Different people find different solutions but all require alterations in food consumption and increase in physical activity as the only way to address this. Not easy I know and sympathise. Since being diagnosed as hypothyroid I have struggled with my weight and this remains an ongoing battle. This is not the time for you to be putting stress on your body with diets though as you need to get your thyroid levels sorted. I don't want to panic you but please seek medical attention.

  • You really are playing around dangerously with your health. Good to hear you have failed to lose weight just by increasing the dosage of thyroid medication. Perhaps we can use this to convince the doctors that we need the meds to feel well, not to lose weight.

    If you have been using 200mg for many years to speed up metabolism, in an attempt to lose weight, despite overeating and it hasn't worked then maybe time you just stopped stressing your liver with unneccessary medication, and got yourself on to a clean eating regime with some exercise thrown in.

    Thyroid meds are not speed, even though some ignorant doctors seem to think they are.

    if you dont actually have a thyroid problem, then sort yourself out properly and stop looking for an easy answer.


  • When you day you take your T4 right before breakfast, do you really mean that? You should leave an hour between the meds and eating, or drinking anything with milk or caffeine.

    You will need far less medication, and what you take will work better.

    I'm surprised you were shocked by the tests. It was pretty much inevitable when you doubled your dose!

  • i eat fast food outside in the morning. usually with some egg + meat + bread and a coke drink. i take levo with coke right before starting taking food.

  • This site is normally for those people who want to discuss the problems they have with their hypothyroidism /hyperthyroidism and taking medication to combat that.

    I think you do need help, but it's not Levo. I think you need to visit a proper doctor to talk about how to lose weight on a proper diet.

  • I'm not sure from your post whether you are actually hypothyroid or not. If you are, then change your routine. Keep your levo tablets and a bottle of water next to your bed. Take your levo the instant you wake up in the morning, and swallow it with plenty of water. You will absorb it far more if you take it how Flower suggested in her reply further up.

  • Well, if you live on junk food and coke, that will account for your weight. No amount of thyroid abuse will make you lose weight. That is only achieved by eating healthily.

    And the caffeine in the coke will interfere with absorption of the levo.

    The odd thing about taking levo with food or caffeine is that it looks on the blood tests as if things are normal, but the patient doesn't feel that well. I had a dog on levo where we'd been advised to give it with food. When we changed to an hour before food he needed half the dose, and his health. energy levels, and hair growth all improved.

    I used to take my NDT with food. When I changed to an hour before food (all in the morning for me) my dose went down from 3 grains to 1.75 and I feel far better.

  • Dear Ruthi, would you mind telling me, if hkmuffin doesn't mind me enquiring within her post, is it okay to have a drink containing, say rice milk or soya milk within an hour of taking thyroxine?

    I sometimes wake up so hungry I struggle to go that hour after taking meds, and a cup of something hot with milk in helps me not to drop things and to start to focus. (It's not just in my head btw, often I wake up with no hunger at all and then don't want to eat anything until lunch-time or later).

    So I'm asking is it something in the cow's milk that shouldn't be ingested within an hour of levo?

  • All I have read says nothing with calcium or caffeine. I think most of the milks will have calcium whether added, or naturally occurring.

    You shouldn't really be all that desperately hungry on waking. What are you eating in the evening?

  • Thanks for the reply Ruthi about calcium and caffeine, I buy milks without calcium so could be okay.

    The answer to your question about hungry on waking is that I'm vegan and as you'll know vegan food is gone from the body very quickly, we are supposed to graze all day like cows! I think that's why I am sometimes so hungry on waking. Also, I'm a yoga teacher so sometimes I will have gone five hours without food while teaching yoga, come home very tired, eaten some vegetables and nuts then gone to bed.

    I do prepare casseroles and leave them to heat up ready for when I come in, but I think there just isn't enough protein in vegan food after so much energy output to last through the night.

  • Even without any added calcium I think most milks contain it. You need to look at the nutritional data to see what it says. But as a general rule, I would say go to bed earlier and plan for an hour in bed after taking the meds on an empty stomach or with herbal tea. At least do that for 3 months to see what difference it makes.

    I have to say that while I fully understand the ethical arguments for veganism, it is not a natural way to eat. Theoretically you can get all the nutrients you need, but in reality its much more difficult for the body to absorb the nutrients from vegetable sources. Add to that the difficulties presented to your body by being hypo - and no replacement hormones are going to be the same as what we produce ourselves - and you are just never going to be able to get fully well. Or maybe, given that most of us carnivores aren't fully well, you won't be able to reach your full health potential.

  • The substitute milks I have don't usually contain calcium I avoid those.

    I can't go to bed earlier because I teach in the evenings and I'm so tired when I get in that staying up another hour to take the Levo isn't an option either. Often I eat then go to bed and fall fast asleep.

    I absolutely agree with you about being vegan not being healthy but just can't come to terms with the suffering farmed animals go through.

  • Almonds, and most nuts, contain calcium, regardless of any being added.

    Could you eat a late lunch and take your levo an hour before?

    Not all farmed animals suffer horrendous lives. I am very careful where my meat comes from. And there is fish, and wild caught fowl.

  • Oh wow now all of this is a big change from any advice I've been told about calcium. My understanding is that it is calcium supplements that you need to keep four hours from taking thyroid meds. I've NEVER been told I can't eat anything containing calcium for four hours after my meds. If I did that I wouldn't be able to eat for most of the day as my NDT is taken throughout the day. I've been hypothyroid for over 10 years and this has not been a problem.

    So my advice is yes have your thyroid meds an hour before eating but milk etc is fine after an hour. Keep any calcium supplements to 4 hours away from thyroid meds. Calcium supplements high doses of condensed calcium and this is why it's a problem. Calcium is in lots of foods so you will find it very hard to avoid!!

  • I never said you have to wait four hours before taking NDT, it's an hour before food, and three to four hours after. So you could take it an hour before each meal.

  • Am talking about the calcium in food comment -to avoid it for four hours if taking it. Really not necessary as far as I'm aware or practical. So take breakfast if you have cereal in the morning or have milky drink at coffee break that means you would be struggling to have your lunch if your going to allow four hours after consuming a calcium laden food My thyroid meds are split into three smaller doses during the day. I don't do this nor do I see the need.

    Already the time has been extended to an hour before eating re taking thyroid meds -when I was first diagnosed it was 30mins.

    I don't eat cereal anymore for breakfast but I certainly did for years with plenty of milk daily. Taking my thyroid meds as I wake before getting up so that by the time I'm showered and dressed a good wack of time has elapsed before eating. I don't time it...It might be an hour It might be 40mins -it's certainly enough time for me to absorb the thyroid meds.

  • I think NDT may be different, but that is certainly the advice with levo, where there is no need to spread the dose. I personally have no trouble taking my NDT once a day, but I know that some need to even out their T3. The Op is taking levo, so this would be a wise precaution, irrespective if your belief it does you no harm.

  • I too am a vegan...11 years in and it works MUCH better for my health issues then a diet with meat, eggs, can be done extremely healthy! You just have to be VERY mindful...I only eat twice a day and do not graze all day....I did try to go back to eating healthy non-vegan diet and it did not work for my I eat a clean vegan diet and plan to stay this way forever..I do not struggle with my weight at just hypo...

  • It is never ok to have soy milk. You are shooting yourself in the foot by drinking that at any time of the day. Because it affects your uptake of hormone at a cellular level. Not to mention all the other horrible effects of unfermented soy, like cancer. I do urge you to give up the soy for the sake of your general health. :)

    Eating or drinking anything before an hour after taking your Levo will affect how it is processed in the stomach. It needs stomach acid to detache it from the sodium molicule that enabled it to be made into a pill. Eating anything will affect that. But, milk - or anything containing calcium or iron - is especially bad because it will bind to the hormone and make it unusable by the body.

    hkmuffin, living in Hong Kong, does that mean you consume unfermented soy in any quantity? Tofu or anything? Because that is very, very bad for your thyroid. And if you eat it around the time you take your Levo - if you actually have a thyroid problem - there's not point in taking the Levo. :(

  • i take soy milk and tofu sometimes (may be few times a month) but never take together with levo. i also heard that soy is bad for thyroid.

  • Well, if I were you, I would cut them out completely! They are bad for thyroid - and for everything else. Restrict yourself to fermented soy, if you want to eat soy.

    But, this is your first post. And we know nothing about you - nothing on your profile - perhaps you could fill us in a bit?

    When were you diagnosed with a thyroid problem?

    Do you have any other labs to share with us taken previously? When you were diagnosed? Or when you were on 200 mcg? It would help us understand you better.

    Have you looked into your nutritional status? Vit D? Vit B12? If you're eating a lot of fast food, then you're possibly mal-nourished. Therefore, it wouldn't be surprising if you were a bad converter - and there always that possibility, because your FT4 is massively over-range, but your FT3 less so. But, we would have to see a blood test where they were both in-range to say for certain.

    Sorry for all the questions, but the détails matter! :)

  • The more important thing in your post is you mention soya milk! This is not good for anyone with a thyroid problem. Soya is the one thing that should be avoided altogether. More important than gluten or goitrogens.

  • You should stay away from soya.

  • I think Levo speeds up metabolism. I have read that in the US doctors are wary of folk wanting NDT to lose weight and for no other reason. It is a very bad idea. Perhaps there is Weight Watchers or Slimming World in Hong Kong.

  • Treepie, I've been there, done that with Weight Watchers and Slimming World over the years I lived in UK, All I did really was lose water from my body which reduced my weight. Then I got stuck, the Levo didnt help with weight loss, only a little with dry itchy skin, hair thinning and feeling cold all the time. Those symtoms improved and lessened.

    Most here know I experimented before Xmas also, but by forgetting to take it very often, then I stopped taking all the other meds that wrecked my liver in the end, but I did go back on the Levo 1st at 50 then, 100 mcg. But my doc put me up to 112.5 in December, it is now just 6 weeks since I started on that dose, taken daily and totally correctly with the water etc., on an empty stomach. I still have hair loss a bit, the itching and dry skin have gone. Even the little pimples that broke out and bled a lot, have gone.

    If these diets really worked permanently the. Both those firms would go out of business.I do agree with others above. It's about quantity, and quality of what we eat, adding for myself also making sure we have the right minerals and vitamins in our systems. As an individual, gluten and dairy do not seem to affect me. I still have the weetabix with milk for breakfast.

    I am also still taking Arko Royal, with Ginseng, Royal Nelly, Acerola & Propolis for my gut and endocrine system. After I finish this months course I will start on putting some probiotics back into my system. I also have because it's winter now, my prescribed monthly liquid single dose of slow release Vit D3. I think I'm prescribed that because I have too many conditions affecting me.

    I do feel confident though that at long last I'm on the correct dose of Levo for me, my weight has stabilised at 61kgs, for many months now, for 1st time in decades!

    If my Thyroid is now looking after itself, I will just finish getting the rest of my adrenal and endocrine system sorted out :-)

  • SAMBS, you're given the vit D3 because it's the Policy here to give it every month to people that go to the doctor (if you're not ill, then you're on your own! lol). But, it does depend on whether the doctor remembers to prescribe it! And often they Don't!

    But, you're right. Diets Don't work. At least, not permenantly. You have to keep going back, and that's how they make their money.

  • GG, I only got the Vit D3 for 3 months in a row last year initially, but he did actually start it again on his own last Autumn - not having had it after end of spring if I remember correctly, surprise surprise for me re the Doc! I'm not a great supporter of my doc as you know!

    However I do think he has started listening to me, albeit it now me telling him what blood tests I want when.

    I will ask for the Free T3/4 again at next quarterly test. The blood test this month is only a month after increase in dosage. So fingers crossed that following one, will confirm things or not for TUK thinking, at least in my case!

  • Diets can work but much of what is taught is healthy eating not dieting per se ,although I accept that for many it is short lived but for some it is the social setting of meeting and weighing that provides the motivation to succeed. What HK Muffin is actually doing is as others have said ,dangerous to health.

  • Yes I certainly agree with what you say about the extremely high self medicated dosage, and of course understand the social setting of weight loss classes. But most money would be better spent on proper food and the right nutrients, especially in today's economic climate. If the body is healthy and weight loss occurs that's when Levo or whichever will do its job properly and metabolise the system.

  • I do not disagree and am very aware of the money a company like Weight Watchers must be making. It took my wife two times of membership before she cracked it. If you keep your target you can go for free I believe.

  • Yes used to be able to do that when I was in UK. Go Free! where I live out in sticks, even watching French TV, can't say I've ever seen Weight Watchers advertised here, although a few months ago I saw a couple of weight watchers frozen food things in theSupermarket freezers. I Avoid processed frozen meat and also fish products covered inbreadcrumbs. They don't do batter here. so perhaps WW is in France somewhere helping someone! :-)

    Also yes j agree with you and others about the self medicated dosages hkmuffin was taking.Extremely dangerous.

    Also I hope she does as GreyGoose suggested and posts her blood test results here for analysis.

  • WW have a deal with Heinz( I think) for some foods ,another money earner. So like GG you enjoy French living, where the big supermarkets have not yet gained the control over the food market that they gave here.

    I had many holidays there with a trailer tent ,always surprised at how big the country is. A beautiful place to live but with no French language( who asks for deux chips after several years of classes !) I will have to stay in the UK.

  • Aah Treepie, you'll have to continue with the camping hols then. It's slowly getting more like UK, some supermarkets open Sunday mornings now. Not where I am though. No the little village shop keepers, and market stall holders, even big town ones, when it comes to fresh food are keeping the supermarkets at bay a little I think. You may have heard that even the horticultural farmers blockaded roundabouts on roads leading to Supermarkets in France, in summer! Some dropped haybales at each entry!

    You know the attitude over here - if we don't like it we'll blockade it and you'll soon know. The message is always for the Gov not for the people who support the farmers, fishermen, lorry drivers.

    Much like the Doctors are going to do in UK and I don't understand why the Docs don't have it out with whoever does the Shift Rotas at their Hospitals, instead of targeting the Gov - perhaps they should try just refusing a few shifts, and that would work better? It appears to be about the number of hours worked p w, and yes I think it's terrible the number they do. you can only flog a dead horse once!

  • Yes French farmers are a race apart. My trailer is long gone but my daughter reported blocked roads but not supermarkets on returning from the Dordogne.

    I think there is more to the junior doctors strike then meets the eye. One tabloid reports a close relationship with at least one of the leaders with Trotskyites . I thought they had long gone but it appears Corbyn had given them heart and it seems a number have far left views.The public want a 7 day service and the doctors want a lot more to provide it. Labour messed things up in2004 with its deal the same year that GP's had their salaries doubled and weekends and evenings dropped!

    All governments seem to have failed to provide enough nurses and doctors ignoring the forecasts they were given of shortages. The U.K.should not be recruiting from all over the world often depriving poor countries of skilled nurses .

    Just heard the strike is off - for now.

  • Oh I'm pleased to hear the Strike is off, except BBC news seems to be saying its not!

    Trouble is Government can't change the past now - but do have an opportunity to change the future to achieve the best for all. The system is unsustainable in its present form, and the mantra of its must all be free for life, will have to be addressed.

    My health treatment here is 'FREE AT THE POINT OF SOURCE/treatment!

    If it's not life threatening and included in the French Health Care system list of conditions, treatments etc., then we have to contribute to help towards covering costs.

    If it IS a life threatening condition in France. Provided you are registered on the system with them, then it is covered 100%.........just like the NHS is for EVERYTHING! When it doesn't need to be!

    I do realise I'm being contentious now, but it's being here for 8 years, that has opened my eyes to the logic of the way the French system works. Yes I worked and paid all my dues to the UK tax and NI till I retired and moved over here.

    Another anomaly, I think Thyroid meds are still free in UK. Here if not associated with any other condition the meds are not. Have to buy the Levo from the Chemist but still give a prescription for it. The part not covered by the gov here, is paid for by my private health insurance. :-)

  • I agree that our system is unsustainable but unless an all party agreement can be reached it will be the end of any party that tried to fundamentally alter the system. So it just deteriorates . Virtually every week there are horror stories about terrible treatment but any fundamental change will have folk on the streets!

    I always thought the French system was better but it seems thyroid is a Cinderella everywhere or "trendy" in Finland.

  • Looks like I heard wrong about the strike unfortunately.

  • Did you get given two bags of crisps, then? 'Chips' in French is crisps in English! lol

  • No as there was meat with the chips!

  • Actually it is T3 which speeds up the metabolism. Increasing T4 will work if you are converting the T4 to T3.

    Hkmuffin, if increasing T4 didn't work try T3 - but drop your T4 down to your original dose, 400mcg is very high.

    If you do increase your T3, keep an eye on your pulse and blood pressure, stop short of hyperthyroidism - that's just as bad as hypo, just different.

    I have a link on this, I will search for it and post it if I can find it again.

  • I think my problem is that I eat too much carbs. when blood glucose level is high, the body will not covert the storage fat to fatty acid and release it into blood. I am now cutting my carbs and also down the levo to 200mcg. I will do a blood test 2 weeks later and share the results again.

  • Good idea or like me you will be also diagnosed with Type2 diabetes.

  • Yes I know,LAH but I am only on T4 so was shorthand.

  • Here is the link I was referring to:

  • I am amazed that doses of thyroid drugs are changed without medical knowledge - sorry but that is how I feel. I totally understand the need to feel well - I was in this position for years, but managed to get sent to a brilliant consultant who listened to me and reduced my levothyroxine and added a small dose of T3. The change within a couple of hours was amazing. Now I have to fight to keep my T3 as I am told by my CCG it does not work!!! What do they know? But I feel you are perhaps acting incorrectly and putting yourself in danger.

  • Hi Salopass, I'm not sure if your answer above is for me or hkmuffin.

    I'm not in the NHS now.,I've lived in France for 8 years. However in the 1st 8 years of thyroid treatment in UK, it consisted of an annual blood test only, I never was told or saw results. Never had a scan or saw a Thyroid specialist there. I was put on 100mcg Levo from day 1 in UK and kept on it. Never had to see the doctor himself again for my Thyroid, just collect my prescription from the surgery, or in later years it was collected by the pharmacist on a quarterly basis. I was never called in for more than the annual test. It was the practice nurse who took my blood test, weight, and BP - all results passed to doctor, I just had to phone to be told by the receptionist that all was OK, keep to same prescription dosage.

    I know things have changed now, and you are very fortunate if you were sent by your doctor to see a specialist. I'm going back 16 years, I'm also 68 now. In that period of time things have started slowly changing, I'm pleased to see! However "general" medical opinion about Thyroid testing and treatment does not really change - why? No evidence for it to be necessary. They say! If this Community is not providing information and verifiable medical evidence, what "other evidence" does the Medical profession want?

    We are only as healthy as our doctors and specialists allow us to be. It is only by coming on Thyroid UK that I have learnt as much as I have. This is why I demanded, the extra blood testing, thyroid scan and to see a specialist - who was totally useless and not interested. Said my TSH result was fine! Ignored the Autoimmjnity, and not interested in potentially other related health matters. Told me she looks at the Thyroid only, my Adrenal and/or endocrine system are NOT her concern.

    I adjusted my dosages, once unintentionally but the 2nd time intentionally to prove a point to my doctor with the TSH, T3/4 results - they did! That is why I feel I am now on the correct dosage, it is not interfering with my eating or weight, it's metabolising it - as it should!

    My own dosage changes also were never about "feeling well" .

    I've never felt ill on Levo, it's just my hypothyroid symptoms weren't disappearing or improving! The ones I had, except some hair still coming out, have gone. With the other conditions I also have, I still don't "feel ill or unwell". I leave it to the MRI's, scans and blood tests to prove I have problems, such as the autoimmune problem, which isn't yet conclusively down to my thyroid. Especially as changing Thyroid med dosages after all these years has helped with the only symptoms I had long before and after autoimmune diagnosis. Believe you me, I've thought very long and hard about every step I've taken voluntarily along this route, in an effort to understand and improve my health.

    When the docs don't help, it becomes a question of

    "physician heal thyself"!

  • My GP did not send me to see a consultant actually - I had a heart problem - sort of major but not an actual heart attack and took myself into hospital through A&E. I had been waiting for an appointment with a dermatologist because of itching - urticarial, dermographism etc. which was leaving me suicidal if I am honest. Whilst in hospital I was told that probably my heart problem could relate to me being diabetic! My GP had always, and I mean always denied this. However I was and I finally saw a dermatologist who after listening to my story said that she felt my thyroid was not right.!!!!! Hurahhhh!!! That was how I got to see a consultant. He listened along with my dermatologist and finally after a long time they got my treatment sorted. Not my GP! Of course now the cost of the NHS over here is paramount, and drugs are hard to get. My T3 is now a red drug - but as I say I have a marvellous consultant. Even my diabetic test strips are being withheld as being a mere T2 and being on Metformin I am not likely to go into a coma!

    Being 68 almost - I am most concerned about the future, it does seem it will all depend on how much money it is going to cost. Good luck with your physician heal thyself - at times this has to be the way to go.

  • ..yep you've had a lot to deal with as well. You are the 2nd one today Ive seen mention being on Metformin for T2 whilst also being treated for Thyroid!

    I was told I was "borderline T2 and also put on Met, around 2010/11 and suffered muscle loss and fatigue months after starting, so I came off it and was never given it again!

    However I did have a swollen spleen and end of 2012 was diagnosed with a blood disorder, had a Bone Marrow Biopsŷ, the Haemo said I had Myleodysplasia (MDS). None of that meant anything to me at time, especially as I had a marriage breakup and brain aneurysm and haemorrhage within 3 months of diagnosis.

    So lots of stress, home moves, several other conditions over the following months, is why I'm doing what I am researching my health, just trying to find some answers before it all kills me off, especially because my platelets keep dropping, and leucoctyes are outside norms also. I'm still convinced there's some genetic inheritance there somewhere!

  • Saloplass, if you lose your fight to stay on T3 you can get it from Greece sold by Uni Pharma. They have a web site and you can just order it in the usual way. Oh, and you don't need a prescription.

  • You say you are taking levo 'to speed up metabolism' ? Do you have a diagnosis supported originally by full blood tests (by a MEDICAL DOCTOR ) under active thyroid? If you are abusing thyroid medication in order to simply lose weight then you are at HUGE risk.... you cannot and must not double your dose like that.

  • You're extremely overmedicated and run the very real risk of damaging your heart and bones. This is not really a shocking result as you're taking approximately two to three times the dose of the average person with hypothyroidism. My tsh at diagnosis was 30ish and I'm only on a little over 75mcg levo and 10 t3. If you have no thyroid problems as implied in your post it's is very dangerous to take this high dose of meds. Just because you don't feel overmedicated doesn't mean it's okay; some people with thyroid problems are asymptomatic.

  • that's a very dangerous thing to do x

  • Hkmuffin, although I agree with others that this is a dangerous experiment, I'm also very interested in what you found. You didn't get any negative symptoms or a return to fatigue and things like when hypothyroid?

    Recently I have cut my dose by a lot because Dr P believed I was overmedicated. My experience was that it was just as bad as being undermedicated, my energy levels were similar, but my motivation, curiosity, and clarity of mind were worse.

  • hkmuffin, you write 'I have been using 200mcg of levothyroxine for many years to speed up metabolism.' It would be good to know if you have a diagnosis of hypothyroidism or not.

  • Crazy buying this without prescription makes a mockery out of people who need these meds for genuine health issues

  • Hi,

    It's not clear from your post whether or not you have a medical diagnosis of thyroid disease. If you have, I am so glad that you found this forum. Already you have been given wonderful advice which will help you to manage your thyroid disease and also links to assist you with ways to lose weight safely. You can learn a lot from this forum if you want to and I would encourage you to have a good read and form your own opinions. If on the otherhand you do not have thyroid disease, you can still learn from us about the safety of taking medicines, the risks and the side effects.

    Its up to you what you do but one thing is clear, you were looking for help when you found this website and forum and already you have gained so much knowledge...use it wisely.

  • hkmuffin, thyroid hormones are NOT intended to be used as diet pills! Are you aware that Abbott states that the full-replacement dose of T4 is 1.7 mcg/kg body weight? They developed this figure as a yardstick to prevent overdose. 400mcg is an appropriate dose for someone who weighs 235kg (over 500 lbs).

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