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Is it legal to buy Thyro-Gold in Europe by internet?

I know it it classified as dietary supplement. But also Dopa Mucuna and Forskohlii are just supplements you can buy it from but it is not legal to import it to Europe from 2015. Also I can not find any listings inside ebay, I guess for legal reasons. Do you think I can get into some troubles if I order it? Is there any country in Europe where I can buy NDT over counter? I hope I won't need to travel to Thailand just for that :)

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Confused85, it may depend which country in Europe you want to import to. You can import Levothyroxine, Liothyronine, NDT and ThyroGold into the UK for your personal use but France doesn't permit importation of NDT, and Belgium has confiscated Thai NDT a member tried to import.


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