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Hi everyone,a quick question, Ive read a lot about adrenal issues on here and I wondered if that is Addison's disease? I saw my endo today and he thinks that's what I have because of various symptoms that I still have after being diagnosed and treated for hypothyroidism. I'm having the Addison test in the next two weeks but I wondered is this something that I should be worried about? Can it be easily treated? Thank you as usual, for taking the time to read and answer my questions πŸ˜ƒ

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Nikki69, Addison's Disease is a serious condition requiring lifelong steroid replacement.




Thanks clutter, just read the link, gosh nightmare, crossing fingers that I don't have it, unfortunately I have nearly all the symptoms πŸ˜• Thanks again


you can have adrenal fatigue which is different that you can recover with vit c, b12, and avoiding caffeine , sugar etc and other things....google the book adrenal fatigue and there is also a website which Is quitecommon.....which many have and don't even know it...from too much stress which almost all women fall into ......multi tasking


Thank you jacrjacr will have a look at both book and website


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