Can anyone tell me if these are the symptoms of adrenal exhaustion :- Dizziness, fatigue, rapid shallow breathing, digestion problems, loss of appetite, tired but having trouble sleeping, ( Generally feeling like I have run a 30k marathon), and it takes me 2 or 3 days to recover. I would much appreciate your feedback. (I am taking thyroxine 75mcgs alternating with 50mcgs). I get these symptoms after heavy housework or if I overdo my walking regime.

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  • What are your latest TSH, FT3, FT4, vitamin B12, ferritin, folate and vitamin D results? You sound like your T3 is too low and you may have nutrient deficiencies as well. Are you on any other medication?

  • Thanks for you reply bluebug. My Doc is happy with my latest thyroid and all the other blood results, I am taking a good multi vit with extra b12( under tongue spray), vit C, turmeric powder and zinc. It may well be my t3 so I will discuss with my Doctor at my nest visit. Best wishes

  • Many doctors including endos don't understand the need for you to have a TSH around 1 or lower, a FT4 in the upper quarter of the range and an FT3 in the upper third of the range plus optimal nutrients. This means you the patient must get all your test results with ranges and check that you are not under medicated and your folate, vitamin B12, ferritin, haemoglobin and vitamin D levels are optimal not just "fine" or "normal".

    Also do you have Hashimotos? If so are you on a gluten free diet and limiting processed foods to help heal your gut and limit your body attacking your thyroid?

  • Thank you for this info bluebug

  • Hi, Blue bug, I found your comment about 'healing your gut' very interesting. This is why in my diet I took a liquid supplement called "urinaire" made by Arkopharma. I regularly mentioned this product last spring summer, before I returned here to UK late autumn. I've only 1 phial of it left. It certainly improved My blood cell test results, especially the white ones, with the numbers increasing. I also didn't have the amount of joint pain I've had since my return.

    Writing that, has just made me realise - I bet there's a connection between the two things. I really must order some more and get back into regular habit of taking again! Sadly I can't find a chemist here who stocks it and it was the french Pharmacist who started me off on it!

  • Those can also be a sign of low grade urine infection.

  • really I didn't know that

  • Yes they do sound like symptoms related to a struggling adrenal system the key is to find out why? Infection? Low blood sugar? Reactive hypoglycaemia? Insulin resistance? Emotional/physical Stress? Cortisol dysregulation? Low cortisol? High cortisol? Adrenals struggling to take up the slack post menopause? Leaky gut? Just some of the things to consider

  • Thanks Steenygirl I will get my doctor to look into all of these things.

    Kind Regards

  • your iron could be low , b12 , d3, which are very common with hypothyroidism.....have you did a 4 times a day saliva cortisol would show if you have adrenal also causes a lot of the same symptoms...their is also a eye dilation test etc by a man that wrote a book on adrenal fatigue...I think that is the shine a flash light in your eye and see how quickly it returns to normal....but I cant remember all that....although I did buy the book on amazon...sleeping 8 hours a night is very Important for your adrenals and sugar, balanced diet and not skipping meals and exercise as you are able but not excessive or over do it....vit c, b complex, b12 etc all important for adrenals....and they are some herbs like holy basil for adrenals....many symptoms can match several ailments so without test you are shooting in the dark...

  • WOW! so many things to consider. Thanks a lot for all this info jacrjacr will try your suggestions about diet etc. and consult my Doc about testing. Cheers

  • you can actually order your own cortisol 4x a day test on amazon and they email you the result showing if your abnormal high or low...that is what I did, then I took it a dr . I was high two times a day so all you can do is....make sure you sleep 8-10 hours a day, take vit c 2-3 times a day and b vitamins that help with stress, concentrate on now sweating the small stuff in life anymore, relaxing more, and as women that is a job.....and letting everything else can also take many over the counter herbs like holy basil can do all that without a dr....if you are too low, then many times that is you have been out of balance too long....( is a site....what I will say is don't dare take adrenal glandular products unless you are low...I had a dr give me those without a saliva test and I went very hyper feeling and didn't know what was wrong....the next dr said don't take those and told me I needed calming herbs vitamins and support......hope this helps

  • i'm in same situ trying figure out adrenals. james wilson really helpful site and book. taking adrenal glandulars help me. and b5.

    herbs too. ashwangda and licorice. sea salt if you low b.p

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