Adrenal gland problem / Addisons - ideas on getting fast private endocrinology test done in Kent /East Surrey area?

My symptoms relate to a possibility of Addisons, and are getting worse . After weeks of doctors scratching their heads, they have finally decided to refer me to endocrinology. This is after 3 successive blood tests with low sodium , mild anaemia (not related to Iron level) etc. I have a gynae op in February, (due to chronic pelvic pain and pelvic varicose veins ) but am worried that this could present a major problem to my health, as a I have such low blood pressure and have passed out a few weeks back. Can anyone recommend a private hospital / clinic in Surrey / East Kent area I could get results fast? As I have been so rough, I gave up work 6 months ago, so I will need to be careful on costs, but need a diagnosis.

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  • have sent you a PM

  • Have sent you a PM :-)

  • Have a look at Marek Doyle's website.

  • Thanks, the website is interesting and a positive drug free support nutritionally. My concerns are that he is London based (I am too ill to go there, symptoms flair up to unmanageable proportions), secondly, cost for me is a factor as no doubt there is a need to have long term support to tailor nutrition to individual needs. Good idea, worth exploring locally.

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