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Hi, Does anyone know where you can get private vitamin and thyroid tests done in Northern Ireland, thankyou


Hi, I am currently getting a number of vitamin (B12 and folate) and standard thyroid tests (TSH) done with my doctor, reason being I have felt run down and lethargic, low moods, frightening thoughts at times, tingling in my legstaking a few hours to fall asleep, raised lymph node in my neck for over a year without pain ( started to subside after taking probiotics for two weeks which makes me think I have too much candida in my body), for a number of years after having a serious breakdown 5 years ago. I believe I may still be vitamin deficient, particulary B12 and a number of other b vitamins.

I am still waiting to get test results back but have been doing lots of research and would really just like to get a general overview of my health but as yet I havent found a private company in NI which does these tests without the middle man and extra cost going through a nutritionist.

I found a company in England which covers a lot of health tests. smartnutrition.co.uk/health... but some of the tests require that you need to get a blood sample to the company within 24hrs which I cannot do unless paying a hefty postage fee.

Would anyone be able to direct me to a company in Northern Ireland that does private health tests please?

Any help or advice would be very gratefully appreciated. Many thanks in advance


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Check out Blue Horizon and Genova on thyroiduk.org They do postal finger prick kits but you can also order blood tests by post if you have someone who can do a blood draw for you.

Hi Angela

I am from Northern Ireland as well and would welcome exchanging any ideas on private companies who could help us here if you want to PM me. I am sure there must be some clinics that do private health tests in Northern Ireland. I think I remember someone saying a few years ago that it would be available in Dublin but I don't know about cost etc.

There is supposed to be a really good guy in Ulster Clinic. Drew Addison maybe the name but you will get correct name of their website. Let me know how you get on as may go down that route too.

pam13 in reply to malone1

Hi malone1, I would be very interested in finding out who this guy in ulster hospital is too... Please keep us posted if you find out.. thanks :)


Hi Clutter, thankyou for getting back to me. I checked out BLue Horizon in uk, they do a lot of tests but a bit pricey at the moment for me. But it is one to keep in mind. Genova that you mention I believe is the one that the above company that I mentioned uses. 2 good companies to know about. Yes, I was goin to get blood samples at docs and send them off.


Cassandra, I sent you a private message, thanks for getting in tocuh. :0)

Cassandra in reply to Hidden

Thanks Angie - checked out about appointments with Jane and initial consultation is £60 and then follow ups £35 but with her it's all about diet. I am not sure she deals in anything else but will try to do a little more research. Like yourself I cannot afford costly tests etc which will be of no benefit but hopefully we can come up with some solution. I don't know about your surgery but my gp will not allow nurse to take blood samples for sending off to private companies for testing - I don't know if its because they don't want you taking responsibility for your own health or what.


Hi Malone1, cheers for getting in touch. I had a look for the name of the person you mentioned above but couldnt find them in the website for the Ulster Independant clinic, or maybe I was looking at the wrong website. I checked them out on facebook and linkedin but havent found the person you mention. Is this person a doctor?

many thanks



I believe this is the guy Angie x

sorry my mistake in name - close though lol!

Your GP will do vit D test if you ask. I felt similar recently and my Vit D came back deficient. You should get T4 done easily but it's a battle to get T3 - I'm still fighting to get it done on NHS! Did you ask for referral to the Royal? Keep me posted if you find anyone that's worth seeing.

Not ulster hospital

Ulster clinic - private Stranmillis road Belfast

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