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What's going on?!

Hi! Haven't been on the forum for a while due to a spell of feeling very very well indeed! Had a new found burst of energy for three months and felt like a teenager again! The palpitations, heartburn, chest pain, insomnia, dizziness, tiredness, anxiety, dry skin, extreme itching at night, and tingling in my hands and feet had completely vanished!! I felt like a new woman! Although I have always questioned my thyroid function with my GP, she has always said that I have borderline results. TSH fluctuates between 2.6-3.8 and FT4 is usually between 9-10 (ref range 10-24). However in August she tested my B12 and iron levels. B12 was 212, (ref range 190-800) and I can't remember my Ferratin levels, but she gave me some tablets because it was too low! I decided to take some b12 supplements myself, and within three weeks I felt 100% better. However, 6 weeks ago I had a constant nasty headache that lasted for a whole month!! Then suddenly the headache disappeared, and I had this shooting pain down the back of my spine whenever I swallowed. I went back to see my GP and when she touched the front of my neck I screamed in pain! She said I had thyroiditis?!! She checked my thyroid levels but said that most probably my bloods wouldn't show anything for up to six weeks. My thyroid levels came back better than they had been for years!! TSH was 2.0 and FT4 was 14!! I am still on the Ferratin tablets and B12, but 5 weeks after the "thyroiditis" I have started to feel rubbish again. Heartburn, itching, tiredness, palpitations, and lack of energy has returned..... What on earth is going on??! Can anyone give me some answers please?!

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Have you been tested for Hashimotos? You sound like you have it. You may have to order your own testing.

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Hi, take a walk over to the Pernicious Anaemia forum, you'll find lots of help there. I need to go- but in brief- you need B12 injections - tell your Dr of massive improvement on tablets and request loading injections. The tingling in hands and feet are signs of neuropathy. B12 often wakes things up as it starts healing and you might find that you feel worse before you see improvement. Folate needs to be taken as well as your ferritin and the B12. A good start is the book by Sally Pachlok Could it be b12.


Like you I have a TSH of 3.2 & a whole host of thyroid symptoms. My B12, Vit D, ferritin & folate were all low so I started supplementing them with some other vitamins & selenium.

I had a great improvement in my symptoms like you, particularly my energy levels. However in the last few weeks, it's all gone to pot!

I'm in chronic pain everyday & now developed what I suspect is plantar fasciitis which is very painful indeed! And yet another thyroid symptom to add to the list.

My GP is useless so my next step is ordering private blood tests in an effort to see the full picture & seeing a private dr or some type of functional dr!

Good luck to you, maybe your GP will take note of how you feel & order more bloods.


If a TSH of 2 is the best you've ever had, then you've been hypo for a long time. :(

What were the others?

Agree, you probably have Hashi's. A lot goes on with that!

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vitamin d levels are very important since most people don't get enough sunshine and can cause muscle pain and extreme fatigue and depression...I take d3 wit k2 daily or 5000mg 4 times a make sure you have d3 tested....I used to be very deficient and felt terrible

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