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T3 gluten free

Hi everyone!

I have decided to start again with my thyroid journey in a few weeks...( I have been with no medication since July due to really bad side effects on T3 only taking mexican cytomel) I am really scared to start again but I know that is not an issue I can leave behind due to the severe consecuences I will have in a future..

I will have lab work at the end of January and I would like to know the possibilities I will have due to medication.

I tried before levo alone, erfa thyroid and T3, the last one was the better I have been but with really bad effects on my brain(hearing voices, cant remember things...freaking symptoms.. so I decided to stop it and the voices gone..but my hypo symptoms are worse than ever and the drepession is horrible, I am crying since I wake up in the morning..

So I am coeliac doing gluten free since one year ago, taking iron and B12, and I will start taking vitamin d too..

When I was on T3 I was taking only 10 mcg in one go morning time and my TSH was 3.00 so maybe that was the reason I was so bad and hearing the voices, so this time I would like to improve my dosage and take more... I would like to know which brand of T3 has no gluten in it.

Many thanks in advanced

I will post my results as soon as possible and I really aprecciated any help, I feel really lonely in this and very sad too.

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Cavalli13, UK prescription meds are gluten-free which would include Levothyroxine and Mercury Pharma Liothyronine.

If you are self-medicating the following T3 is gluten-free:



Pfizer Cytomel


Hi clutter

Many thanks for your reply

I am living in Spain so I need to buy it online. I would like to try uni pharma. Could you please pm where I will be able to buy it online?

Many thanks for your help


Hi Cavalli13. I just sent you link where I ordered Uni Pharma.


Many thanks! I will order it as soon as possible


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