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Recommendations on gluten free

I came to the conclusion, as many have that as actual so called gluten free / free from products WERE, as far as in the ones I had tried - dreadful.... hard to swallow, like cardboard or stuck to roof of mouth or caused feeling of dehydration.... or merely as you will read, they contain a lot of other maybe bad ingredients.... that it was best to simply eat as natural as possible.

Then over Xmas, for a present, I was given a gluten free - products 'hamper'....

so thought I would mention a couple of items that were in it - but also a couple that I have tried previously that weren't in it... just to help others....

Everyone can make their minds up for selves....

Freefrom brand bread = awful = non palatable, can hardly swallow, clags up in mouth.

Genius brand bread = better, not brill, a bit soapyish or fruit version a bit cinnamon.

Marks & Spencer bread = dry, crumbly, more millet but more edible-ish

Tesco bread = goes mouldy very quickly in a day or so.

Ok edible-wise:

Genius frozen steak pies = obviously not good for you, but not too much unlike others, a little peppery mind....but nice with errr chips.. LOL (not too often).

Freefrom (i think) frozen sausages = depends how fussy but standard as far as frozen processed sausages go.

(cant recall make) frozen Yorkshire puds = ok

NEW FAVES that I was given:

Tesco luxury chocolate cake

Waitrose hot cross buns

(cant tell any difference with these two).

Mince pies = have tried freefrom iced and Tesco not iced, both edible....not much difference to standard ones.

So whilst I am not telling anyone to eat these or regular, I know when I started out, I didn't have a clue that these nicer more edible ones existed at all! I gave up prior to, as not only reading about the ingredients but also after trying a couple of dire products, I thought do without altogether - but hey - I have just had a real treat this past week, I wont do it ongoing, but I was really saying CORRRR to self, it had been a long time since stopping the standard forms of bread, cakes, biscuits etc - I almost went hyper through enjoying mind!!

Hope this helps someone, it is all more expensive and again NOT healthy....apart from the couple that made me want more.... they were that good! It might be overload of naughty ingredients - but it lifted the mood!! :-)

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LOL, been there. :) :). Glad you found at least a couple of things that were good.

Someone's bound to come along and say, "Why would you want to eat all those fake products anyway?", to which I'd reply, "Because when you can't have the real versions it's hard, especially this time of year!" It's not so much the food itself, it's the association with what you do in particular circumstances. I had a fabulous gluten free Christmas pudding from M&S, yum yum. :) Made me feel more... normal, I s'pose the word is. And a little bit spoiled.

I have found that over time, I've used fewer and fewer GF products, without realising I've been using fewer - it just seems to have happened naturally. But at first, they're an absolute godsend. It's worth experimenting with making your own gluten free bread - there are loads of recipes online. It's never all that great after the second day, but it does taste so much better than shop bought stuff. The other gluten free product I'd recommend is Dove Farm's brown rice pasta - much nicer than corn-based pasta.

Happy Gluten-free New Year!

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I like buckwheat pasta, which is a vegetable despite its name, but it is a matter of taste...


Precisely and that is why I said - I know... lol all bad ingredients... and yes I manage without them etc... hahaha... but OMGGGGGGGGG some of those this Xmas were really moreish and who would EVER have thought those products have come a long way from the (and still) dreadful lot :)

Glad you also have some enjoyment.

I used some doves flour in past to make little fairy cakes - with raisins sultanas...and shoved one after another in...BUT... I have to say felt dehydrated LOL.

Also did pancakes with Dalfour (think) jam on...

Note I DONT (didn't want to bother either) have any recipes as was trial.... and chucked whatever in... guessing haha!

I don't do cooking or baking beyond basic so wont be a habit...

I have been given some pasta etc.. so will need to use it ... some time :)


Making your own cakes with almond flour or hazelnut flour is nutritious and amazingly even I, a useless cook, can do it, and they taste wonderful. OK, not thinning though.



Hahahaaa... I think it is something else... hahah cant blame the odd delight... I cut out real bread, cake biscuits and weight dropped a fair amount for some days... now back up... probably as I accidentally used some choc (eek soya in it) to fill up when too tired LOL... but hey... I go with the flow...


There is a new bread by Burgen and it is sunflower and linseed or something and GF. It's way better than any other free from bread I have found. I keep it in the freezer and occasionally have a slice. I have only found it through Ocado though so far.

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Ooohh thank you, will put that on my 'to try' list :)


Agree with you Storm, most of non-gluten products are grim particularly the bread. However have been pleasantly surprised but Schar (non-gluten) bread, delicious toasted with lashings of butter. Also have just enjoyed this evening Heck chipolatas from Waitrose, the best bangers I have ever tasted.


Wow.... things are improving, think I may need to change shops a little too :-)

Thank you ;-)


You are very welcome Storm. Happy New Year!

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And to you ;-)


Richmond GF sausage are lovely just like real ones as are m/s scotch eggs but not there sausage rolls which are awful.I find making cakes with rice flour and Yorkshire puds with cornflour are good


I didn't know they existed either LOL....thank you for that.

I am too tired to bake most of time, but want to try to keep away from as many additives as never say never... to making them...

I did buy frozen yorks before... but they were no worse than standard frozen ... haha... cant recall make though, remember was yellow pack..possibly blue print not sure.. haha.

I will avoid the sausage rolls ;-)

All the best to you.

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