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I've been trying to go gluten free for past 3 weeks ( and as much as I don't want to be I think it is making a difference) but finding it quite hard as bread and pasta is such a staple of my diet. Can anyone suggest a good cookbook as the choice out there is bewildering. I am used to doing my own baking and making my own bread so wouldn't find that daunting - just the ingredients bit


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  • Dr. Sarah Ballantyne PhD just came out with a very good cookbook.

    Diane Sanfilippo has a classic paleo cookbook.

    I agree the choices seem endless and most people will end up with more than one. PR

  • There're also a lot of them online. One of my personal favourites are and glutenfreegoddess.blogspot....

  • Hi I did read that Jamie Oliver had written a good book. Also health food shops useful.


  • Not a cookbook answer but: Try Heinz Gluten Free pasta from Tescos. It is the closest I have come to 'normal' pasta. It won't keep until the next day so you have to eat it straight away. I try to avoid process foods but it is my go to when I'm eally to tired to cook anything.

  • I would like to try this pasta,is it fresh,or what area shall l look in for it and thank you

  • It is a dry pasta in the free from section of the store. Even my non-Gluten Free parter will eat it.

  • Recently I've been recommended to try Garofalo GF Pasta by a friend who says it's far better than any other dried pasta. I haven't tried it yet but it is on my next shopping list. Don't be too hard on yourself - it takes time to adapt and get to know the ingredients in everything. Have some quick and easy standbys handy - after 2 years I find I don't much miss bread, cake and pastry anymore, but I enjoy making the occasional GF cake and find M&S GF crumpets a real bonus when I do have the urge for something bready.

  • I have bought a couple of books written by Phil Vickery - Gluten Free Cooking and Gluten Free Baking. The recipes are very easy to follow and all that I have tried have turned out really well. Good luck with your gluten free diet - it's not all that difficult once you get going!

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