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blocked tear ducts

Merry Christmas everyone. I have been told I need an operation to create a new tear duct. My eyes have been watering for a couple of months now. I'm wondering what you think the chances are of it unblocking on its own. I've been taking a new brand of T3 since the Mexican source dried up and they haven't been so effective. Do you think that might be the reason for the blocked duct? When the T3 from Mexican becomes available in February do you think it might clear? Any thoughts would be gratefully received. x

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Mstp, I don't know anything about blocked tear ducts but if a new one needs to be created I don't suppose there's much chance of it clearing of its own accord. I can't see how changing the brand of T3 would cause or clear a blockage.

Grossman Cynomel from Mexico hasn't been available since early 2015. There were rumours that production had completely ceased early 2015 and, although some Mexican sites have regularly said it will be available again in 2-3 months throughout 2015, it remains unavailable.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

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I agree with clutter, I can't see it beg anything t do with your T3. Have your doctors tried syringe it? If so and that hasn't helped then it's unlikely to clear itself.


As someone who has eye plugs to block mine,i would say its not the drugs as if it was i think they would look into why it did that and get something for those of us who have chronic dry eye,but i am no expert and anything is possible.x

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I wonder if you could have blepharitis. I've had it once but I followed a procedure similar to (2) which helped enormously. I was unable to open eyes in the morning and was puzzled what was happening. Two separate parts from the following link:-

1. Regular eyelid hygiene

This is the most important part of treatment and prevention of blepharitis. The aim is to soothe the eyelids, unplug any blocked meibomian glands and clear out any stagnant oily secretions from these glands. The eyelids are cleaned and debris is removed. This is a daily routine that consists of three parts - warmth, massage and cleansing. Remove any contact lenses before following the routine.

2. The traditional method is to press on the eyelids gently with a flannel (facecloth) soaked in very warm water for 5-10 minutes. If the flannel cools, keep re-warming it in the warm water.

A popular alternative is to use a specially designed reusable heat bag which you place over your eyes for about five minutes. There are a number of such eye bags available, which you can buy from some opticians or online. The heat bags are warmed in a microwave. The advantage of a heat bag over a hot flannel is that the heat is retained for many minutes and so it keeps a constant warmth over the eyes. You can simply lie down and relax for five to ten minutes with the bag placed over your eyes. (A hot flannel usually cools quickly.)


Thank you for giving me some hope. I'll try that in the next few days to see if it has any effect before my hospital appointment.


I hope it does as I definitely found it very helpful. It took about a week as I suppose it builds up slowly. I used water which was warmer than lukewarm and used a different facecloth for each eye.


I managed to cleared my watering eyes mstp.

Never thought I would.

My eyes would water over nothing.

Sun and a little wind would set my watering off, even indoors, at one stage I disliked going out in the wind, always kept my hood up.

I had days where my eyes would not stop running. I kept paper hankies in each coat pocket and many in my handbag.

I did similar as shaws said above, with the warm cleansing. Pressing a warmed wet flannel against my closed eyes lids to relieved them.

Then after with a clean cotton bud and clean Vaseline, I added a tiny spot of Vaseline at each 4 corners of my eyes.

Many would tell you not to do this, because of infections, but I try anything once, but found this worked for me.

With the Vaseline on, I pulled all sorts of faces with my nose, mouth and eyes to exercise and stretched my eyes, whilst doing so I could here a clicking noise in my eye ducts. I still often add vaseline and do eye/face exercises.

Over a short time it stopped my watery red eyes, though it has not stopped my eyes from aching and hurting, I have never got to the bottom of that, despite telling opticians I have low thyroid each time and hospital eye appointments, so I guess that might be just down to Thyroid eye disease, (TED)


Hello I have the same problem as you and have had it since 2013.I had an operation on my eyes to clear my tear ducts but didn't help.So went hospital last week but been told I must see a bloke who knows more about eyes than the bloke I see.In the meantime he gave me Sustane Ultra drops and they have helped slightly.Also eye drops with Vit A and E helped as well but must stress not the cure until I go back to hospital .It a severe case of dry eye syndrome I was told.


I started having this problem 'watery eyes' back in 2010 and up until this past May was told it was dry eye, given a steroid ointment to use at night and sent on my way. They got very bad this pas Spring. Eyes were red all the way around and watery. I not only used that ointment but also eye drops . When I went in to have my eyes checked this optometrist told me it was allergies. She suggested that I get a product called Eye Promise EZ Tears and take daily and get off that steroid ointment. I was told by her that it should help and should clear things up. Well, my entire system was hosed up as well but I have been taking them religiously since then and I can honestly say I do not have a problem with my eyes currently. I think part of the problem we Hypos have is that our systems are so out of whack that it doesn't take much to set things off. For me that was just the start in a series of things these past couple of years that made me want to know much much more about my condition and what I could do to change things around. Still a work in progress but think I am headed in the right direction now.

I hope you find something that will help you.

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I'm not convinced it's not thyroid connected but I would have a word with an optician and see if they have any views


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