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Fatigue, weakness, dizzy - can't last all day do you think adrenal

Hi all, I am trying to work out specifically whether you think it is more of an adrenal problem.

I get up, whatever time of day which varies because I have worked way round clock, slept day, got up night and then struggled to get back to getting up in morning and so it goes on.

So if I say that if I wake up in the morning, still tired, of course, but am ok pottering around - ish or sitting and getting up and down doing little chores (not a lot as can't) - but then dramatically, I struggle to last say 8 hours a day (even doing as much as can, but little really) - whereby I would be unsteady, almost to point of worrying going to fall over, if say walking from one room to next - or to stand to boil a kettle even -

this seems the pattern.

I know I am asking here and OUGHT to have the saliva tests maybe - for adrenal / cortisol - but funding is always an issue and GPs let me down so badly, I don't frequent at the mo - having a rest from the stress of them not assisting or not knowing etc....or arguing when I suggest things need checking. So it is on my list of save monies up for (difficult) private testing - but because of the pattern, after say 8 hours (more or less) before I get quite debilitated daily - yet whilst very unwell, feel I can jig on the spot for a couple of minutes earlier in the day - but hardly walk after a few hours - is this leaning towards adrenal type symptoms.

The reason I am not saying it is the thyroid aspect - is generally, I know I was very hypo, I tried and couldn't take T4 - the docs wouldn't prescribe NDT nor do they prescribe T3 - they wanted me to go to hospital (some time back) but I figured with some of my scary symptoms it was a mighty gamble on whether T3 would also be rejected by my ever so fussy being... (it's true) ... so I had come off T4 some time back - then I went gluten free and tried to cut junk out of diet - strangely I felt lighter - still unsteady at times, tired but a degree better - in a hard to explain type of way.

I sent off for Genova testing - urine Iodine and T4 T3 test and really weird it came back as deficient or somewhat in iodine - but the T4 and T3 were in range - not high, but way better than had been when GP tested - several times. I am overdue more tests - money again or anti docs too (sorry them that don't like this, but I did see several and none any good) - so taking into consideration that private test - was it a fluke~? Anyway - it's the last all day bit I am thinking logically -

I cant see it being lack of T4 / T3 causing the lasting a few hours or say 8 hours a day as reasonable (ok not normal stamina) but the debilitated after 8 hours and beyond ready for bed. It seems to be a pattern whether day or night that the little energy I have daily plummets defo by 8 hours - so I cant say get to a small shop or walk up the road or struggle round house - it is like saying I get 8 hours to just about function (at lesser than my old self) then humph... no energy.~

NOW I KNOW.... that I was very hypo and I have to say I could stay awake 24 hours on occasion... albeit tired... but I was normally awake for standard length time, consistently level of heavy thyroid type symptoms -

BUT this is different, this is like I COULD appear to have some energy when first get up and for a few hours every day which plummets to debilitating.

Hard for you peeps to understand - but I could search for hours - so I am thinking I have read something before - but if any of you have actually worked out if this is adrenal it would help me try to plan my next moves in trying to help self. (Don't be alarmed LOL - I tried Docs methods for long enough and they really know nothing or avoid helping)!

Please don't just reply to get tested - I am aware, but I am very poor.

It is the recognisable pattern of debilitation daily, yet get up better the next day, after sleep I am raising - does anyone know, by their own natural docs or NHS docs if good ones - what precisely this could be? Being I wasn't like this, when seriously hypo and I am not sure until next tests if TSH / T4 / T3 antibodies is up down or what, but symptoms changed - I was very heavy when seriously hypo, couldn't lift a leg - now I could do an intermittent dance... then crash LOL.

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Hi Storm, so sorry to hear you are suffering and battling with what sounds like a less than supportive approach from your surgery. I didn't spot you mentioning B12. Appreciate that you are put off from going back to the GP, if you can give it another go, ask them for a B12 test. The Pernicious Anemia Society have a link to a symptoms checker and if you haven't already ruled out a B12 deficiency, worth taking their test.


The Adrenal question is one I am not versed in yet, I'm sure others in the community can help though. I wish you the best of luck.

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Hi Davona,

Thank you for your reply. :-)

The B12 was tested and the docs said all fine - in range - but then learning later that being in range is no good, this was a while back.

I have taken supplements on and off but never a higher dose in order to boost.

I am poor but also very agoraphobic - so along with all the thyroid symptoms and battle along the way to function - I feel like very small steps a teeny bit better at times, although any normal person would be panicking for feeling so ill...even at 'good' point.

I get lost along the way, so I think I will try to focus diet because I don't trust all supplements etc - (I have had the odd SCARY side effect swiftly from taking one simple ACE + selenium, for example) I read we need to get say B12 up (among others) but then you read side effects and it just gets off putting...

I am very fainty on blood tests LOL.. even lying down for them, so it does put me off as have blacked out unexpected before.....after them!! But the docs argue with you and I have seen private (when I was working) and they were just as bad, probably 7 or 8 docs in total.

I then went ONCE, to a nutrition expert (thyroid and M.E. expert)(supposedly) and they were so lost in matters from that one visit, telling me to eat things I know shouldn't - I gave that up - but that was expensive anyway.

I have toyed with starting nutri thyroid / nutri adrenal but then I read more and get put off trying - any mention of palpitations and I'm gone LOL... also though as I have had some kind of ODD RANDOM missed heart beat thing....that near stops me breathing so I have to jump forward with exaggerated coughs to feel able to get breath..... weird... but horrid. It actually happened a lot but worse on T4 but you see how delicate - taking anything is.

I don't know if not absorbing vits - ie leaky gut etc - but have gone gluten free - some months now. Not cut dairy nor sugar....YET... as don't want to unless have to because that cuts out other needs.

It is such a strange pattern re sleep I have - but defo the only lasting approx. 8 hour but I try to push this to stay 'up' 15/16 hours a day (yes pushing self is naughty)but that is what I used to manage even when very hypo - so no explaining is there. Haha!

Does B12 make difference to how long in a day you last without feeling 'THUD' that's me done... ?

Interesting though as on and off I have had some areas a bit numb and prev though is it B12 - docs supposedly checked for anaemia and did that thing - glance and say not - YET they didn't check for Ferritin - so I argued and they started going on about size cells.... if lacking in anything.

Thank you again - I will review what I am going to do....soon....haha.


Hi Storm, if you have your last B12 result, or can call the surgery to get it, I'd recommend posting it for the forum to see. Many contributors have a really good understanding of test results and might be able to give you something a little more definite about whether B12 is a issue, at least you might be able to rule it out .. You sound like you are battling with many aspects and could do with some good news. Is there any way you can face looking for a different GP?


Thank you :-)

I have filed the results for now... haha but I think it was about 400 and the higher level was maybe either 750 or 900 top of range - possibly - I cant recall bottom of range but think I was told I was middle-ish...

Stupidly and due to being so ill - I didn't look at results again until I started learning bits - but my life is very complicated anyway, so I have zilch to put in, to a lot of matters. Bit of a circle - lack energy - finance - back round again, as far as the docs said, in their bullying way - they didn't expect me to be here!! So that knocked me for a while. Then the rebel says blow you - I'm going to do it my way - and I have episodes of feeling better - but nowhere near right of course.

Think I am scared to try this and that due to being so sensitive to any tablet or wrong vit and so on.

I used to think re. B12 I was constant on it in the diet - but that could have been before I stopped bread? I used to live on Bovril and Marmite sandwiches LOL.


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