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B12 deficiency and post natal depression - why did I never put it together before?

I knew that anaesthetics depleted B12 stores but never thought about gas and air during labour. I consumed an entire tank when I had my son 19 years ago. I remember the midwife telling me off (but as she'd left me on my own with my husband for 6 hours, what did she expect??) No wonder I felt so awful for months afterwards.

I wonder how many new mums simply need a shot or three of B12?

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That explains a lot! 30 years ago I was left for 2 days with noone but my husband, all the staff did was come in and change the gas bottle!


Totally agree Jazzw,

I had a very bad experience recently when I had to have major dental work done due to bone loss.

The is a great chapter in Could it be B12 regarding Nitrous oxide ( laughing gas) and any surgery.

My oral surgeon has now told me that I will have a General anesthetic to complete my dental work.



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