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active b12......did I muck it up?

I have been waiting over a month to sort out my active b12 I stopped taking my b12 5000mcg supplements a week before I done the test.

I started back on them as soon as I completed the test, much to my surprise I received a phone call just over a week later saying by time the received it my blood had clotted so I had to re do it, this was the morning after I had already took my b12 and folate, I received the other test from bluehorizon the very next day and where I couldn't wait any longer I went ahead and done it!

I received my result today and it seems like my active b12 is high, so my question is would I have mucked this up because I supplemented up until it?

I have been on/off b12 and folate for about a month I wasn't sure whether it would need longer to be in my system, is it worth leaving the supplements alone and trying again, or wouldn't the supplements of had any effect on my result?

I get so many symptoms of b12 deficiency and it is within my family as my 2 sisters has to have the injections frequently, I don't know whats best to do?

Thanks for any answers I get.

nichola x

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what are you trying to achieve with this test? do you want a formal diagnosis so your GP will 'recognise your problem' or are you doing it to see if you have enough b12 in you?

if you are doing it for a diagnosis then stop all b12 and wait ages at least 3 months before retesting 6 even better but then you will feel 'rubbish' without your b12 if you do become deficient. if you do the test just for yourself if I have to be honest I would not bother I'd just supplement, b12 is like thyroid hormones in some people, you need loads of it for enough to get into your cells


I wanted to maybe rule it out, as prenecious anemia is in my family, I have only been supplementing for maybe just over a month so I thought it wouldn't have any effect on the test, I just wanted to see where my levels was at x


well, to be honest if you had a low b12 that would have only confirmed b12 deficiency not P.A.

for a PA diagnosis you need a positive intrinsic factor antibody

my son is on daily b12 injections but I still asked the GP to test for intrinsic factor antibody as I want to know if he has what I have


ah right!

I am going to ask for that when I go to my gp Tuesday, thanks what do that determain? x


ask for 'intrinsic factor antibody and gastric parietal cells antibody' if intrinsic factor antibody is detected is a definite diagnosis of pernicious anaemia, with or without the gastric parietal cells.

gastric parietal cells antibody without intrinsic factor is not such a strong diagnosis but better than nothing :)

tell your GP you have a strong family history and as such you want to know


thank you very much, I have actually wrote a letter to my gp, I hope it goes down well, don't know whether I should post it on here to see if I should send it? x


You are quite welcome to. :-)



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