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Endo and Synacthen test booked

Hi all,

In my ongoing thyroid saga I have now seen the endo who has written and told me that my thyroid function tests were 'satisfactory' ( I haven't seen them yet but my Doctor is sending them to me and I will post them here when I get them). I went to the Churchill at Oxford for the tests.

However, the endo said he wanted to do further blood tests and has booked me in for a short synacthen test in January. My cortisol levels in bloods taken in June were 468 nmol/L ( range 170-540) . Having read previous posts about the short synacthen test, is it worth the hassle of having it...any suggestions?!

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The short synacthen test is a first line test that will pick up failure of the adrenal glands to produce cortisol (Addison's). However, for pituitary cortisol insufficiency when there is insufficient ACTH to stimulate the adrenals it is unreliable and further testing is required. It is useful for the endocrinologist to have your basal levels as if you have the test twice and both results before stimulation are low it is an indication you have pituitary problems.

It is good to read the following protocol to make sure you have the test done at the correct time of day and learn a bit about it. Good luck.


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