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What happens after "normal" short synacthen test?

My daughter had short synacthen test as she has very low cortisol (200 - normal range is over 400) and diagnosis of CFS following glandular fever. This test was normal so I'm assuming this means her adrenals are ok. Does this mean there's a problem with the pituitary gland? Can anyone advise whether we should request further pituitary testing, and if so, which tests? Next Endo appointment is at the end of May. Many thanks in advance.

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No it doesn't mean that your adrenals are ok. I had a 'normal' result from the Short Synacthen but had fatigued adrenals and I have only started to get better thyroid-wise once I began treating this. I don't know about the pituitary stuff though, sorry. 


Can I ask how you treat your fatigued adrenals please? 

Many thanks 😃


Well I saw Dr Peatfield who told me to take Nutri Adrenal which work for me but not everybody. I've read vitamin C and vitamin B5 are important.

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Thank you. I will give these a try. 


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