Endo suggests long synacthen test rather than short - to look at adrenal reserve and insufficiency. Anyone had this? What should i expect?

I wrote to endo asking for short synacthen test following advice given here. (blood test showed morning cortisol off the nhs scale) He wrote back and suggested a long synacthen test.

What does this mean and is it better? It will involve a whole day off work with tests throughout the day and then returning the next morning for another.

I feel v unwell with even small amounts of blood taken so need to know it’s going to be worth the hassle.

He said it’s better than the short test and it will show adrenal reserve and insufficiency

Also, he never suggested the ACTH (I think that’s what it’s called?)

Should I write back and ask for that also?

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  • Hi Well my Endo says only good test is as follows, 24 hour collection with cortisone tablet ( prescribed) to take at midnight and then a blood tests at exactly 9 am. It should show very clearly if a problem.Mine always does , although not safe for me to have any treatment.

    Best wishes,


    PS, your problems do seem to be lasting, I hope you are soon better.

  • J

    Q below....



  • Thanks - does that mean you stay in overnight?

  • Hi Bluedaff

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  • Thanks Louise, I find it so frustrating not receiving the replies , as it sounds so rude, but no way of knowing.

    Many thanks,

    Jackie x

  • No, It is simple, all done at home, they give you the containers for the urine collection, ask for extra as never give enough!!The only thing that you can not do at home is the normal cortisone blood test, which must be at 9am, connected with the tablet at midnight! Not nice setting an alarm for then!

    It certainly shows even a slight problem , I have had it several times due to complicated medical problems ( Not thyroid).

    Best wishes,


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