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Homemade brownies

Experimenting with brownies, never cooked them, so made my own coconut butter, with liquidising coconut flakes. Grated jaggery, dark sugar like, tastes like molasses, got that tip from another member. A bit too much raw cacao in, but then this was my own recipe.

Only posting this, as they are full of really good ingredients, dates, almonds, ground and pulsed, raw organic cacao, milk, and eggs, but will use coconut milk next time. Also vanilla extract.

Was very interesting reading up about the benefits of jaggery, which is the sap of date palm or sugar cane. Seems to have a good iron content, and 85 or so vitamins and minerals, so way healthier than white sugar, which is DEATH lol. Anyone ever used it in cooking, tips would be appreciated.

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sounds yummie!

I am new to GF bakes.I have been back on the gluten for a few days relapse.Shoulder & hip pain,weakness, inflamed tendons.Took to my bed for 10 hours with electric blanket & stopped the gluten binge.Pains gone.Does anyone relate to this?Time to get baking GF for those winter carb craves!Got almond flour,gluten free flour,coconut milk,coconut cream,hemp milk,rice syrup,xylatol & the internet for recipes-ie no excuse.I think I'm beginning to experience what gluten does to me,to help me in my resolve to stay GF?


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