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Hashi Diet I'm So confused?!

Good people,

I am struggling to understand what is a sound diet for Hashi? There is too much information out there much of which is contradictory.

I've adopted a GF diet and it's helped reduce anxiety. Not the tremors which I take to hypoglycemia, I've taken to eating 1/2 a banana and a glass of filtered water around 0300 - 0400, which not only rids me of the wretched tremors but helps me get back to sleep (well sometimes)!

I am carving out a completely new dietary regime and when I get a Hashi flare from something I don't eat it again.

Nightshade are singled out for criticism, will these really be a problem when cooked in a casserole? Or even raw to accompany a small lunchtime snack?

I'm told that even fruit is the devil in disguise? Christ you cannot live on meat, eggs and fish alone surely?

A typical day for me is something like this:


Greek Yogurt Mixed frozen berries and teaspoon of honey

GF Cornflakes, Mixed seeds (flax, sunflower, chai, pumpkin) 1/2 a banana and homemade coconut milk.

2 slices of genius Fruit loaf (some times toasted with butter).

1.5 litres of hot filtered water laced with fresh lemon jiuce or grated fresh ginger and maple syrup

Mid morning snack - fresh coconut, raw carrot, 1/2 ltr of fruit tea unsweetened. Handful of nuts Brazil, hazlenuts, peacans.


Egg on GF toasted seeded bread - sweet chilli sauce. Or mackrel on toast, avocado, sliced red onion, tomato, cucumber, sliced bell pepper. Or Smoked salmon, butter, lemon juice, cracked pepper in toasted bread. Boiled eggs.

Sansbury's soup - Thai chicken and coconut. 1/2 ltr of hot fruit tea.

Mid afternoon

Apple and orange. 1/2 ltr of water.


Hungarian goulash, sweet potato, broccoli, snap peas. Chicken, mushroom, sweet pot, and coconut curry Geeta's Lime Pickle (vegan) and mango chutney. Chicken stir fry, ginger, onions, mushrooms, peppers, sweet chilli sauce, GF Soy (teaspoon there is soy in there), sweet sherry, cracked pepper, honey and fresh

corriander. 1/2 ltr hot pepermint tea.


Peach, red grapes and a majool date. 1/2 ltr of blackcurrent tea.

1/2 banana and glass of water for my bedside table!

My repetoire is fairly narrow at this moment and I've a few more ideas on how I might expand it, however I'm cautiously introducing things as the above seems to be working. I've only be GF free three weeks!

I plan to get a cross reactive blood test done to see what else I might be able to introduce.

My take away from Dr Google is that a ' nutrient dense diet' is a path that I should follow, given GF seems to be helping my symptoms. I think most things apart from frozen corn, excessive sugar, milk and phytic acid dense foods seem to nag the thyroid at present.

Your thoughts and comments are valued, thank you.


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Mike, you're doing good! lol No, if you enjoy your diet as it is, forget about it. If it doesn't agree with you, stop eating it - which you're doing. Good.

Thing is, we're all different, so you just can't say to people you must eat this, or you mustn't eat that. Just doesn't work like that. I keep reading that we should be eating an avacado a day. And my reaction is 'Ugh'. They're alright on high days and holidays, with a little crab and mayonnaise, but I really Don't want them every day! But that's just me.

Just one comment there : what on earth is 'GF Soy (teaspoon there is soy in there)'? Is it fermented? If not, you shouldn't be eating it. That is the one thing that will creep up on you without warning and nip you in the behind. Other foods, if they Don't agree with you, you'll know about it. But soy is sneaky. And you have to be very careful with soy sauce, because you may think it's fermented, but it isn't always, so beware. And Don't think it's a good idea to have it because 'it's good for you' - I know a lot of people who think like that. It isn't particularly good for you, so only have it if you enjoy it.

As for nightshades and all the rest, try them. If they Don't agree, too bad. If they do, enjoy. That is quite definately my attitude to food now. I've messed around with so many diets that didn't work, made me feel worse, stopped me sleeping, etc. So, I Don't even read about it anymore. A 'balanced', nutrient-rich diet THAT YOU ENJOY, that's the key.

But, just one question, if I may... How do you stop your half banana going black and soggy???

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Leave the banana in the skin and wrapped in kitchen roll! Simple. Thanks for the reply!




Mike, I agree with everything GG has said. Eat whatever tastes and feels good, cut out anything which causes upsets, and eschew any type of unfermented soy.

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The Soy is a German make and is Wheat Free most contain wheat. I agree I'm kind of wary of taking it and probably can refine my palet to go without. Thanks ladies!

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Hi Mike, I agree it is really difficult to know what to eat and I also get stuck in a rut. One thing that helped me was (trying) to follow an elimination diet and then reintroducing foods. I found the aAutoimmune-Paleo website really helped me with ideas And I ended up buying her recipe book which has 4 week meal plans. I don't follow them strictly but I do like her bulk cooking recipes for the week; I tend to cook one soup & stew for the week on a Sunday and freeze into individual portion? The thing is to do what's best for you & eat what is good for you.


Have a read of Grain Brain & Brain Maker.

I would say you have way too much carbs & fructose in there & not enough Fat.

When you remove carbs you will be astounded as to how much less food you need.


I was pretty sure that my diet needed a serious overhaul because, although I was eating as well as I could, I was still feeling so unwell (with suspected Coeliac Disease and dairy intolerance). I'm a strict vegetarian, by choice, and have been gluten and soya-free for a while, but still feeling so grotty.

I started looking at all the recommended diets (including Paleo, auto-immune protocol, Fodmap etc), and was tying myself in knots - many of them are not much good for a vegetarian, and there was quite a bit of conflicting information (eat fruit? don't eat fruit? for a start). I was going to end up restricting even more what I ate, and was just floundering. The more I read, the more confused I was.

I've recently been to see a private nutritionist, who has an understanding of auto-immune disease (more than the rubbish NHS dietician who knew less about food than I did), knows about all the different diets available, but could "tie it all together" for me and put together a plan that suits me, my food likes/dislikes and my lifestyle. It's only been a few days now, but I have not felt so positive for a long time.

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I find that determining the best diet for Hashimoto's can be confusing. I just bought "The Hypothyroidism Revolution" and I'm working my way through it. It seems to have some very good suggestions. However, Tom Brimeyer, who has Hashi's, recommends a diet that includes coffee WITH caffeine, (organic) dairy/milk, and sugar ("healthy" sugars, NOT lots of refined sugars in candy, cakes, cookies.) But I see Hashi's diets in other places that say NO caffeine, NO sugar in any form, NO dairy.

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Oh, and one thing all the experts seem to agree on is consuming LOTS of bone broth.


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