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Kale/thyroid/and nutri bullitt smoothies!!!!

I've been using my new blender to help me loose weight!! I've been doing 2 weeks so far ( not lost anything, feeling such dispair!!). Anyway I've been using raw kale as one of my clean ingredients. And just read that I shouldn't be eating that at all. Any advice please?? I've been blending a combo of.....

Almonds/ fruit/ oatbran/ advacado/ banana/ lei seeds/sunflower seeds/pumpkin seeds/ almond milk/. Coconut oil/. Small amounts and not all in one smothie!! Of course!! Ha ha

I'm really really fed up with my fat belly, I feel I'm doing allte right things but I'm still same weight!! And I've even been excercising too!

Anyone who can shed a little light please!! I'm on 75 mug each day . Thanks

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Cruciferous veg - cabbage, broccoli, kale etc - are goitrogens and shouldn't be eaten raw if you're hypo.

Are you on enough meds? I had a lot of oedema on t4 alone. To be fair, raw kale might give you some bloating too.


It all sounds very healthy although bananas are so starchy and sweet. Maybe if you use yogurt instead, you could cut some calories. Sometimes levo just doesn't work as well.


I feel your pain. In the last year -kv tried almost anything to help lose weight and nothing has worked. My periods have stopped and I'm super fed up. I have read a lot about goitrogens as in the above reply and it quite suprising. Mary shonom Has some great advice on line. I've found that I've lost the most weight drinking plenty of water. I've had to force myself too but lost a stone. Unfortunatly the second I stopped it the weight came back. I also find that the stoggier the food the heavier and bloated I am.

My gp has finally aggreed that if another set of bloods come back at slightly over range then I can increase my levo as I reckon by being over weight its stopping my cycle. Hope this helps. Wishing all the luck you need.

Ps. It may be worth a mention to make sure all your vitamin sre optimum too.

Sarah xx

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If your periods have stopped, I would say you are not on enough medication. Also weight gain can be due to being kept within the reference range rather than being low.


Stay away from the coconut and almond milks and advocado is very high in calories., in fact just looking at your list again, so are the seeds. Why not try making really nutritious vegetable based soups and then blending them. You can completely avoid using anything containing fat that way. For a smoothie though just use fruit (do not overdo the bananas) and as Heloise has already said use very low fat yoghurt instead, all the ingredients you are currently using are highly nutritious but hopeless if you are trying to lose weight.


Are you on enough medication? I couldn't lose weight until my TSH was under 2.23 and is currently 0.26.

You can eat all the above and still lose weight, I eat very similar and all that you are eating is very nutritious. I eat carbs in small amounts usually brown rice and new potatoes and I am gluten free so don't eat too many grains and don't add sugar to anything.

As far as exercise is concerned you can do too much and this can result in converting T4 in to reverse T3 and not free T3 which body needs for weight loss. I know because I struggled to lose weight even though I was running 20 miles a week. I can now lose weight at a rate of 1-2 lb a week and have cut out the running and walk up-hill on the treadmill now and concentrate on the weight side of things.

For every 1b of muscle you have you burn 75 calories a day. For every 1b of fat you have you burn 8 calories a day.

You must be on enough thyroid medication for all this to be possible.


Although your list sounds healthy some of the items such as avocado/coconut oil/the nuts and seeds are quite high fat and bananas are quite high in calories compared to other fruits. Also the only time I successfully lost weight (3stone) was when I followed Slimming World diet and they advise that you shouldn't eat fruit smoothies if trying to lose weight as your body burns more calories breaking down the whole ingredients which is doesn't do if blitzed in a smoothie maker. As others have posted why not use it to make vegetable soups and add lentils for extra protein and fibre. Also only eat carbs ( bread/rice/pasta/cereal/rice no more than twice a day. Good luck. A few mixed nuts daily is good as a snack as they contain a lot of nutrients our bodies need.


Thanks for all your advice, I am going back to the doc this week armed with lots of info about T3 and weight loss,

I don't do loads of excercise, about 20 min a day , light stuff at home , app that's good 7 min thing, I only put a sprinkle ( 4 almonds or 1/4 teaspoon nuts )

Almond milk says it's unsweetened, I'm confused cause I thought it would be healthier than skimmed ? And I only have say a mug full a day, coconut oil is to help my cholesterol. I don't like advacado but as it's supposed to be great for you I blend a 1/4 in my smoothies every other day,

Sometimes this whole thing just fills me with dispair and hopelsness, doctors font help , minefield of info .. Do and don't do. I just feel so sad that I just can't get on top of this weight prob. I feel like I'm in a room of locked doors and no key at all!!!!

Thanks for advice and I will cut some things out , try more veg thus week and see xx

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A lot of us will have been through this. It is hard. There is a lot of information and it's frustrating trying to take it all in when you're so anxious to make things better.

The problem with juicing is that you're getting everything concentrated and what you want for weight loss is the opposite - everything needs to be bulked out with fibre. So juicing takes out the part of your food which makes you feel full, has no calories and gets everything moving.

Have you addressed the issue of sufficient meds? Being undermedicated will make it much more difficult to lose weight.

I lost 3.5st on the Weight Watchers diet when they used to advocate the points-free soup (don't know if they use that in their current programme). Lots of green veg, carrots, cherry tomatoes, etc used to be unlimited, so you could bulk out your diet with them and feel full, get loads of nutrients, etc and still lose weight.

I hope some of that is useful. Try not to despair and be good to yourself. x


I'm having almond milk instead of cow's milk at the moment, it's only 24cals per 100ml. 3% sugar but I think that's less than cow's milk? Different type of sugar of course.


The fat is NOT a problem in weight loss, it is starches and sugar which usually cause the problems. The fats you are eating are healthy fats, needed for your body to be healthy.

But usually the most important thing is to be optimally treated with thyroid medication. For some people, they can never be optially treated on Levothyroxine alone. They can go on as many diets as they can find days in the year but they will not work or they work only for a short time. I was one of those people. I was on Levo for 30-odd years and in those years I did diets and lost weight only to have it pile straight on again.

I am on T3-only plus supplements now and have lost 2 stones in the last year. I have always had a healthy diet with healthy ratios of fat, carbs and sugar. I have not changes it at all and yet now I am losing steadily at about 2lbs a month - though weight loss has slowed down a bit recently, I am now able to walk more so I have started some exercise which will probably help. It does not have to be intensive cardio workouts to have an effect.

Marie XX


Coconut oil and avocado are actually great for weightloss . The body needs good healthy fats . Don't go toooo low carb as that is not good either . Oats are good in the morning then rest of the day try veggies, protein , good fat. Look up bodytrim will

Give u some good ideas . Coconut oil is FANTASTIC as is AVOCADO . Just don't drink a carton of oil lol. A couple of tablespoons of coconut a day is fine. Coconut oil is used by the body as energy and works differently then other fats. Research and you'll see the benefits . Goodluck . Also add some weights to your workout . All u need is some dumbells . For your abs that will take time


Virgin Coconut Oil is good for the thyroid gland.


Ive been on Levo for about 3 years now with weight gain of about 2 stone (15kgs)

I agree that you need to be optimally medicated with your thyroxin, otherwise it is almost impossible to lose weight. Avocado's and Coconut are fantastic super foods.

I have minimized my carbs to just once a day, preferably not bread, (I try to avoid gluten, but am certainly not fanatical about it). Lots of sprouts - as in mung beans, lentils and as many raw vegetables as I can get hold of - not so easy in the winter, so I switch to an asian diet - lots of stir fries, (Uses minimal oil - or coconut oil) and just cook up lots and lots of vegetables, with delicious spices, like ginger, Tumeric, chillies etc. These then have slow release - You could even blitz the vegetables into smoothies, or add more liquid to make a soup.

Cut out as much processed sugar as you can, but hey, a little bit of what you fancy every now & again does you good. Don't forget what you drink too - weak black tea with ginger is great, as is green tea - a super antioxidant!

good luck and have fun experimenting with the cooking!


Yes I know the problem with the weight. I lost a stone over a year after gradually going on Levothyroxin up to 125mcg, apparently that is the correct dosage for me at present. However I seem to be stuck at that weight now, but I have my waist back and look fairly toned for my age, so I,am told, so I feel quite happy again. I eat quite healthy though not a fanatic, and exercise 3 times a week. What ever you do don't despair, just try and make some time for yourself, and if you don't like exercising alone find a good class. Have you tried Rosemary Connley diet and exercise classes. Go on the Web and find a class near to you. I lost 11llbs in just 6 weeks they are a very supportive group of ladies, give it a go, you will love it I know, especially the dancing and exercise to music. I really think that diet alone will not obtain the results you want. You really do need to exercise in order to kick start your body to burn fat. GOOD LUCK PS Get those bloods checked again otherwise you maybe fighting a loosing battle if you not on the correct dosage for you. Oh and most of the things you are using in your smoothies are very healthy but very calorific. Meat and two veg would be less calorific. Fish twice a week would be a good move. If you like your smoothies you can buy Greek Yoghurt ZERO FAT and stick to berries like Raspberries and Blueberries. Must tell you I have just bought a great Morphy Richards Soup maker which does it all, cooks blends the lot. That may be useful to you.


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