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Apologies to Grease

A bit of wry humour for this sunny Saturday morning.

I've got ILLS they're multiplying

Endo's not in control

'cause the pills that he's supplying

are not satisfying!

If you're filled with infection

that just won't go away

Medicate in another direction


Gotta shape up , ditch the old T3

Doesn't do what it's supposed to do

Gotta shape up , try some NDT

That's what I've been advised to do

Nothing left ,nothing left for me to do .

That's the one that I want ooh ooh ooh

The one that I want !!!

Happy Saturday ( hope ) everyone


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Haha ;-) Other way 'round for me but I didn't go up to MY needed dose [apparently that keeps in limbo, then gets worse... I was too scared back then to go up - wish I had]. So, it is whatever works for each individual - very best of luck to you :-)



I thought you were on Armour .

Thanks for the quick comment.

PP x


PP, I was - that's what brought me out of the depths - just too scared at that point and T3 wasn't quite so 'big' then. Great 2 1/2 years on Armour... apparently others are just as good. Be well. x You must be xox

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You too

PP x

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Your thyroid hormone replacement is obviously working very well for you.

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Bit of dark humour shaws.

😆 Pp


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