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Is this progress 😕

Well the next instalment, seen the urologist and conclusions are I do not have a kidney stone and never have had ! Great so what is all this pain and blood in my urine about?

Going to write to my GP for referral to Endocrinologist as my parathyroid levels are too high (as I posted previously). I am at docs tomorrow relating to the previous blood tests, which "we're not urgent" according to the receptionist, so waited a month now to see the GP about bloods due to parathyroid, Vit D and calcium levels.

So I suppose now it's going to be months of waiting again before I get any answers, by the time this gets sorted I will have forgotten what feeling healthy was like,

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Have you asked to see a parathyroid specialist, with your parathyroid and calcium levels? I just looked to see if I could see you results, the parathyroid is over, the calcium I saw was mid range, have you had any higher?

A lot of the symptoms you talk about, I've had and experienced. I had parathyroid surgery last month to remove an adenmoma( tumour non cancerous).

If you type in parathyroid on YouTube, there is a good 5 minutes video about parathyroid, maybe worth watching?


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