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Fluoride News

Fluoride News

Very interesting....

Last week, Michael Connett, Executive Director of Fluoride (FAN), appeared on Pennsylvania Public Radio (WPSU) to debate three fluoridation proponents, including a local dentist, the Director of the Pennsylvania Bureau of Epidemiology, and a doctor with the State Department of Health.

The 28-minute discussion took place on the Take Note Show hosted by Patty Satalia, who asks excellent questions throughout the program and gave Michael enough time to present his arguments along with the latest research. Best of all, the combination of Michael’s points and Satalia’s questions clearly showed how little science the so-called experts are familiar with, and how heavily they rely on predictable talking points and endorsements by government agencies and other fluoridation-pushers.

Listen to the Debate:

Public Radio International aired a very good 8-minute piece on fluoridation last week on the Living on Earth show. Host Steve Curwood interviewed University of Kent professor and researcher Stephen Peckham, BSc, MA, HMFPH, Harvard professor and researcher Philippe Grandjean, MD, DMSc, and environmental advocate Laura Turner Seydel.

Dr. Peckham discusses the paper he recently published in the journal Environmental Health showing an association between fluoridated water in the U.K. and underactive thyroid, or hypothyroidism. Dr. Grandjean discusses his research on the impact of fluoride exposure on IQ. Both scientists raise major concerns over the health risks associated with water fluoridation.

Listen to the Show & Read Transcript:

In 2011, the same radio show interviewed FAN’s Science Director, Chris Neurath on fluoridation. You can listen to the interview and read the transcript here:

5 Replies

Thanks Lyn

I look forward to these later today. It's such an important subject 'flouridation' that even when you tell your family what the consequence can be and (who have very young children) whose toothpaste is flouride we might come across as 'scaremongers' or a bit 'loopy'.

Who reads the directions that say to use 'little' and you watch the child 'suck and swallow' the toothpaste and who then put more on toothbrush.

It puzzles me that why is it necessary to put flouride in children's toothpaste 'to save teeth' when the milk teeth drop out anyway by natural methods.


My 2 children (they are 25 and 28) were given prescriptions by the dentist for a toothpaste that contained more fluoride. They threw them in the bin when I told them about the damage fluoride can do. Its wrong.


I've told friends and family and they probably think I'm a bit 'over-the-top' because if you go into 'Boots' for instance and look at the toothpaste I think all contain 'flouride' except 1. The promotion of fluoride being good for teeth health has been very successful. We know better now being hypo.


Thankyou for replying. I just find it wrong that they should give out prescriptions for toothpaste with even more fluoride in it than you can buy in the shops. just about to read your link...thankyou.


I think I will print off this article and take it to the dentist when I go.


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