Dessicated thyroid pills stuck together in one big glob. Why?

Dessicated thyroid pills stuck together in one big glob. Why?

I used to order Erfa from a certain web pharmacy but now they won't accept my method of payment which is really unfortunate because I otherwise had no problems with them. Recently I tried from another web pharmacy recommended by a Thyroid UK member, but they don't carry Erfa so I ordered a different brand (WP). The full grains seem fine, but the half grains have become stuck together and the colour changed to a darker green. I'm getting my first blood work since I started this new brand in a couple days, but right now I'm still wondering if they're working at all or if they are just poor quality or fake? Or maybe this is normal although it never happened to me before and I've been taking dessicated thyroid for almost 5 years. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  • Symon76, it looks as though the tablets have become moist and stuck together. If they were ok when you opened the sealed bottle/tub you need to store them somewhere with a drier atmosphere, not kitchen or bathroom, for instance. I don't know if the moisture and colour change will have affected potency. The manufacturer RLC Labs may be able to advise and their website may show what the tablets should look like. Otherwise, Google "WP Images" to see.


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  • That looks gross. Can you cut your full grains in half and try to replace those?

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