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New to thyroid and group

Hi everyone I'm meeting to the group as somebody recommended it and also have recently been diagnosed with under active thyroid. What else apart from my levothyroxine can I take to boost my brain fog which I suffer from lots and tiredness hair loss and joint pain and muscular pain. I'm not gaining weight as much as I'm really trying hard to control what I eat as I know with under active thyroid you can easily gain weight. I am also borderline iron deficient and massively vitamin d deficient was wondering is it worth taking extra vitamin supplements aswell as vitamin d medication or would I just be overdosing on vitamins also what could I do to prevent suffering from the above symptoms.... any advice would be useful

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I mean new to the group not meeting typo sorry


Hi fox, welcome t the group you need to post any test results you have along with their lab ranges and much Levo and anything else that you are taking at the moment if you want people to comment.


Welcome to our forum Fox7787

I am sorry you have hypothyroidism and it will be a big learning curve for you, as it has been for most of us on this forum.

First of all don't bother yet about your weight. Because we are hypothyroid it means (hypo = low) low and our metabolism is low. Diet yet isn't advised as we do need as much energy as possible. Weight can reduce when you are on an optimum of thyroid hormones.

If you can put on your profile your thyroid history, i.e. when diagnosed, medication you are prescribed, dose and any other information it saves answering the same questions often. You can click on my name and you will see some of mine. To see others' profiles (hopefully if they've completed it) just press on their names.

If you can get a print-out of your latest thyroid hormone results from the surgery, with the ranges, post them on a new question if you don't have them at present. Always get a print-out from now on of your blood tests for your own records and you can also post them if you have a query.

When you have a blood test for thyroid hormones, always get the earliest one and fast (you can drink water). Leave approx 24 hours between your last dose of levo (or other hormones if you take them instead) and take it after test. If you've not had Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate tested ask for these too.

It sounds to me as if you're not yet on an optimum of thyroid hormones to make you feel well with relief of clinical symptoms.

We have to read as much as possible in order that we do get much better as many doctors don't know how best to treat hypothyroid patients and put the blame of weight gain on the patients instead of underdosing.


Its absolutely vital to know the actual test results and the ref ranges

without those we have trouble helping you

You are legally entitled to receive all test results





Vit D3

are all HALFWAY in their ranges its a waste of time even taking levothyroxine T4 bcos


body simply cannot utilise or convert it into the T3 that every body cell needs to function


Hi fox, you need to learn all you can so you can manage this since your GP will not really advise. There are a lot of good websites and doctors on You Tube. I'll post two that I admire. Your whole body is involved with hypo and other hormones as well like stacked dominoes. Your nutrition is also very involved and that's why you are low. You digestion isn't getting the vitamins and minerals from your food as it should because you need sufficient acid. You are definitely going to need supplements in the meantime. You are also not on the best medication although some do okay on thyroxine. I would always try a natural desiccated thyroid hormone first but the UK doesn't agree. Do try to get your recent blood tests and hopefully it is more than T4 and TSH. It's really rather abominable.


Hi I do u average lots to learn thanks for the advice I will check the links out too appreciate your advice


Hi fox7877

As you are new - this is just a hint. If you wish to reply to any response you have to press the red reply button, otherwise the member isn't notified and you may wonder why if you required an answer. You will received note that I've responded.




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