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New diagnosis of thyroid

Hi All, wondering if you can help me. I have just had my results back from my thyroid test. I a 23 year old female, on a healthy diet and exercise. Firstly I went to the doctor with a bloating stomach and constant pains and also having to go to the toilet more frequently. I got my results back and the GP said I have under active thyroids. I thought I had over active from the symptoms on the internet not under active. I have contacted the GP again but they just don't have enough time to discuss this with me. My symptoms are: weight loss, tiredness, constantly cold, loss of libido, diminished sweating, headaches, alcohol intolerance, IBS, memory loss, my emotional state I am easily upset and have anxiety issues, difficulty sleeping, eyes - very sensitive to light and frequent periods. I do not see that these are the symptoms for underactive.. what do you suggest? Any help would be greatful thank you.

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Yep, they can be underactive symptoms ..... It sounds like you could possibly have Hashimotos disease which is a common auto immune problem. It causes the thyroid to eventually shrivell away. But it can take years. When the thyroid is first attacked, it releases extra hormones which can speed you up and cause the weight loss.

I felt really rotten for a year or so and was ignored by the doc, then my thyroid sped up and my doctor did a test... We were both surprised when it showed underactive. but it all came right with thyroid meds. (Levothyroxine).

S uggest you ask your doc for an antibody test so you know for sure. And have a read of the dr A Toft book... Understanding thyroid disorders... Less than a £5 from amazon and available on kindle.

Also, take a look round the thyroid uk website. thyroiduk.org.uk

And ask as many questions as you like on here... There are lots of people with experience.

xx. G


Thank you very much for this, I wasn't sure if they were the symptoms. I have had my antibody test back but was just questioning if it was correct but thank you for the information it has been very helpful.


So which antibodies do you have and what sort of numbers?


The doctor said I have 572 anti-bodies? If that makes any sense? Also that my GSH is still over the top of the normal and T4 is low? does this make any sense? thank you


Yes it makes complete sense. High tpo antibodies mean you have an autoimmune disease. ( hashimotos). Your free t4 is low and so the tsh. ( thyroid stimulating hormone) has risen in an attempt to make the thyroid make some hormones.

As your thyroid is attacked it will die off and you may well swap between hypo and hyper. Arguably the best way to treat it is to replace your thyroid hormones so the tsh stays low and the thyroid doenT need to do any work at all. the doc should measure your tsh every few months and increase your dose until you are stable. No need to measure the antibodies again... They only go away when they have finished their work on your thyroid gland. However, you can help yourself by cutting out gluten. Sme people swear you can halt the decline all together if you stop the gluten early enough.

Useful tip..... Never ever take your thyroid meds on the day before a test. ItS ok to take them after the blood test but taking them before can give a false reading.

Good luck... And definitely read the Dr Toft book..... Ad whilst you are at it dr Peatfields book... Your thyroid and how to keep it healthy is well worth a read.

Xx G


Thank you very so much for your help, you have been so helpful and I really appreciate this. I was really worried about it all and I feel much better now. Your tips are great and I will get that book. Thank you very much again. Chelsea


The frequent and heavy periods are a little known symptom. I was in such a state with it all I had a hysterectomy at 39. it was several years later when I got to hear about stuff on the forums that I realised I could perhaps have avoided the op if my thyroid medication had been increased. You will probably be fine, but knowledge is power and all that stuff :-).

Xx. G


sure sounds like Graves Disease/ HYPERTHYROID/OVERACTIVE to me


Hi chelsealaura, Firstly, I would like to say that I doubt you became underactive because of your diet. If it's going to happen, it will happen no matter what you eat. (Does your healthy diet include plenty of fat and salt???) So Don't blame yourself. And, exercise won't stop it, either. In fact, exercise could make it worse!

Symptoms over-lap between hyper and hypo, some symptoms are common to both, so difficult to tell sometimes which is which. And if you have antibodies, you can have both at the same time! But what swings it for me in your list of symptoms is feeling cold and loss of libido. Also diminished sweating, IBS and memory loss. They would seem more Under than over, to me. But the others could be either. And there are some - not many - but some hypos that lose weight. Also some whose weight doesn't change at all.

But it would be very helpful for everyone if you were to post your lab results here - with ranges - so we can get a better picture of what is going on. Although it's doubtful that your doctor would confuse Under with over on a lab test, you might just be more Under than he thinks you are!

Hugs, Grey


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