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Thyroid melds and ageing

I have been reading around the subject of taking thyroid melds as you grow older or starting to take them after 60. I think I have had an under active for many but was always just outside range,just recently decided to self medicate with T3 but now I'm having second thoughts.

As we age our metabolism slows down,which is natures way of preserving our body and extending longevity. In taking thyroid meds we are encouraging our metabolism to speed up so surely this can only be detrimental in the long term. what do others think. Is it too late to start at 61 ?

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No, it's not too late at 61, my mother was diagnosed in her 60s. As long as the dose of thyroid meds is right there should be no problem.

However, I wonder why you've decided to self medicate with T3? What are your latest test results that brought you to that decision?

If you post your results (with ranges) members can make suggestions.

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I think I have secondary hypothyroidism as I have normal TSH ---1.5 with low T4 of 9 (8--22). My GP wouldn't even consider the possibility of it even though I have many of the symptoms. My vitamin levels are all fine --B12 etc so after extensive reading and advice from your site I'm going to try a small dose of T3. I don't think it can do any harm and I will take it slowly.


What does 'fine' mean, in relation to vitamins? Do you have the actual figures?


If you can get a copy of your most recent blood test results with the ranges, and post members will comment.

If we are hypo and untreated/undertreated it can cause us to have more serious illnesses. Our pulse will be slow and heart will struggle to pump sufficiently - not good. Our temp will be low so body cannot fight infections adequately.

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