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Hi all I am a mom of 2 my daughter is 24 my son is 27, I am a granny of 3 beautiful grandbabies, I have been on thyroid complex that is mixed with metabolism for about 5 years, I was diagnosed back in 2011 with a bad thyroid, mine is under active, so I stayed tired and witchy all the time, my sex drive dropped real bad, started getting hotttt flashes real bad, night sweats are bad, so I got on the a mood pill, and the purple Harmon pull from Walmart,. They all work together, I, was doing good, till last year, we are raising our almost 4 year old grandson, ohhhh what a job, but, I noticed since that they r not working as good, but I switched to that Amberen. This pill is supposed to fix hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings,low energy, weight gain,. Well I am here to say, they say no side effects but it is none since, I was not even on it for a week, and mind you the little box is only a month supply and cost $30, I have had all these symptoms and more, so trying to go back to my regular thyroid pills, but I discovered no caffeine at all makes these pills work great

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  • I would love to reply but your story is soooo convoluted that I was left totally confused reading it.. so sorry... maybe it's my brain fog!!

  • Hi, I'm sorry but I'm not sure what, if any, your question is?

  • I'm curious about 'thyroid complex mixed with metabolism' ? It sounds as though you are in the US, so these supplements you are taking may not be available (or even suitable) for those of us in the UK? Perhaps you could explain the thyroid complex or list the ingredients?

  • The thyroid complex is for my bad thyroid, my thyroid does not produce enough stuff to keep my hormones right, and the metabolism that is in it helps your body burn fat faster so you do not gain weight,

  • Sexy granny, yes i understand that the thyroid complex is for your bad thyroid. I think most of us are using this forum because we have a 'bad thyroid'. But I think you may be confused about the word metabolism. There may be an ingredient in the complex which help speed up your metabolic rate and help you burn calories more quickly but it won't be called metabolism. Do you have a list of the ingredients in the complex?

  • Confused in the US too. Walmart suggests that SxGy is in the US unless you have Walmart in the UK. (If you don't you haven't missed anything, Google Walmartians).

  • Thanks LAHs, we don't have Walmart in the UK, though we do have one big chain supermarket which I believe is part of the Walmart group, but for the moment I can't remember which one it is!

  • What is the metabolism supplement or med you're taking? And also thyroid complex? It sounds a little like you're self medicating with OTC supplements and maybe without any blood work/doctors input. Try to repost some simplified questions/info then people may be able to help you

  • Hi Sexygranny, I have Hashimoto's, diagnosed when I was 19. I'm also a granny, 1 lovely grandson. I lived in California for 10 years, 1980 - 1990, so I know how expensive visits to the doctor, and medication can be. Are you saying that Amberen is working well if you stay off caffeine, but you're concerned about the cost, and that's why you might go back to your old tablets? Have you had your thyroid levels tested by the doctor recently. Another point, while I was in Ca, for about a year I bought generic thyroxine because it was less expensive. After about 7 months, I wasn't well, and a blood test showed that my levels were low. I told the doctor about the generic tablets and he told me that there was no quality control system to test drugs which no longer under patent, in Ca, and that he and other doctors were pushing for legislation to make manufacturers of generic drugs prove that their drugs contained what they said they contained. He also said that anyone could set up a lab in a garage and make thyroid tablets and sell them, without any regulation. I hope that's no longer the case, but might be worth checking up with the doctor if you have been buying generic tablets. Good luck. I hope you are feeling better,😊

  • I am glad you've found the tablets work well without caffeine.

    Coffee should be avoided near levothyroxine or any thyroid hormones as it interferes with the uptake of the hormone as does taking food at the same time.

    Thyroid hormones should be taken first thing with a glass of water and don't eat for about an hour. They can also be taken at bedtime, if you prefer, as long as you've not eaten for about 2 to 2.5 hours. Stomach should always be empty and because we are hypo most times food is slow to digest.

  • amberen is for menopause ,not thyroid hormone and they are different so i dont see how it would help so keep us posted. Are you saying that you are NOT on any thyroid hormones like thyro gold over the counter available online or prescription nature throid or synthroid etc...... i know that menopause can throw off your thyroid but are you still being tested hence it is dangerous not to take thyroid hormone if you need it...because it regulates so much in your body. It would be wise to order a test online like at or privatemdlabs and go to your nearest labcorp and they email you the results, you print out and you can post online here to make sure your thyroid is not off the charts hence unattended it can cause hairloss, breathing, energy, heart problems etc..the list is long...... Just a thought...I was also diagnosed at menopause and i had all your symptoms . I tried maca at first which helped and then ended up on bio identical hormones and prescription thyroid meds. I almost waited too late to go to the dr thinking i could handle it with over the counter meds .How high was your tsh on your last blood test.

    amberen---Amberen is a proprietary blend of succinates, amino acids, minerals and Vitamin E. Amberen’s main ingredients are produced via a U.S. patented manufacturing process that guarantees their unique bioavailability. Amberen ingredients are as follows: ammonium succinate, calcium disuccinate, magnesium disuccinate, zinc difumarate, glycine, monosodium L-glutamate, tocopheryl acetate.

  • I am taken the thyroid complex and was trying the Amberen for my hot flashes,night sweats, mood, so other than that I do not know what my blood count was, because he never told me, I went to the doctor because I cud not keep anything down, and felt sick all the time. I got in there and doc ask me how long have I had a bad thyroid, thru me for a loop, cuz I never knew I had a bad one, this was back in 2011, he put me on a pill, I had to get b12 shots because my iron level was do low, he said he did not know how I was living, so I kept taking the pill for till 2012 still did not feel any better, so I thought I would try something different and went to the vitamin store out here and talked to a older young lady and she recommended thyroid complex, if I wasn't going back to the doctor so I just don't have the money to go back and back,wirh trying to take care of my grandson, daycare a lone is high so just trying to make it

  • i am usa too and never heard of thyroid complex....if i were you i would ask to pick up a copy of your labs from dr...i keep all mine for everything...really helps you help yourself and especially since so many on here have excellent medical advice and how to go forward.....we all have been through trial and error. it is very common to go hypothryoid at menopause....and many good drs say get the estrogen progesterone and testosterone, vit d3, b12 , and ferritin where they need to be and then retest thyroid and see if it corrected itself bec it needs all these things in balance to work since the adrenals and deficiences of any kind make the thyroid weak and throw it off unless you tested positive for antibodies..i never did........

  • Ok thank you I did not know all of that, I will see if I can find a doc to do all my blood work again, and I went back little after that and the doc I was using moved so I really not sure how to get my records

  • i had a hard time finding a dr at the beginning that knew anything and even then i had to educate myself reading books on the subject...i went to a bio identical dr which is more open to the connection between hormones and thyroid and deficiencies ...and they testing everything including deficiencies and it turned out i was low in everything they tested and i had bodyaches, fatigue, and low energy and felt like i was aging too fast hence even my skin was that may be a avenue for you take or what led me the bhrt dr was i went online and ordered my own test online, you print out the labsheet just like a dr gives you, take it to the lab, then the lab emails you the sheet and it tells you what you are high or low in and you can take this to the dr if you need further assistance...i did that first bec i was really in denial except my sister kept bugging me that i needed to do that....she was older and a can message me for good online places to do that if you are interested...some alot cheaper than others and some have discounts if you sign up on their site they will email coupons....the two best are and only negative is you have to pay out of pocket if you do it on your own for the lab test

  • That's awesome I will see what I can do thank you

  • How do u do the lab work, go to a company I am guessing I can not stand needles so

  • In the US contact (via the Internet) True Health Labs. That's the one I use. It costs $280 for a full thyroid panel. That's a bit expensive but if you do not know where your levels are at you will waste a lot more money than that. You only need to do the full panel about once a year, after that you can get a more limited test for a lot less money.

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