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Please could someone recommend a doctor

Hi. After 6months of being on levothyroxine and feeling myself again i am now back to square one with all my previous symptoms and worse muscle weakness. Have new job but off sick with no pay. Just started (6days) taking Jarrow sublingual 5000ug as B12 275 and having bloods done on Friday. I don't think GP will up my 50mcg dose (I self medicated at 75mcg until I ran out) because I'm with in range. The Jarrow is making me feel sick and light headed. I live in surrey can anyone recommend a doctor to see privately to look at me holistically, please pm me. Thank you in advance.

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Hi Lainey03 - have just replied on your other thread also ! Do you have some results you could share with us. It is still early days and without seeing your results - I am suspecting you are not yet on a sufficient dose or you could be having problems with the conversion.

If you are having bloods on Friday - do not include the B12 - as the result will be skewed. Once you are supplementing the results are meaningless. B12 is needed in the Cells - the blood test tells you what is in the blood and only 20% reaches the cells :-(

Hope you find some answers soon . E-mailing Louise Warvill for the list of sympathetic Docs would be good. There are several good ones in your area I believe.


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