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high cortisol and trying to raise ndt

hi there I had started taking thiroyd last month I was fine for a couple of weeks until I tried to raise my dose to 11/2 grains then it went down hill a bit. I had the adrenaline going all day with very little energy which prompted me to get a 24hr adrenal test. it shows I am high afternoon and evening so I started taking zinc to get to sleep which works but I still cant take any raise at the moment so I'm feeling all the old symptoms of hypo but much worse. any ideas or help would be much appreciated with how to treat adrenals while raising ndt would be amazing. is it possible.

at wits end ...

have a good day


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Could you post your adrenal and DHEA test results including the reference ranges, please.


hello humanbean thanks for replying.........

post awakening 31.07 ref range 7.45-32.56

11am-1pm 10.02 ref range 2.76-11.31

3pm-5pm 13.32 ref range 1.38- 7.45

10pm -midnight 7.00 ref range 0.83-3.86

total cortisol burden 61.4

dhea sample am 1.17 ref range 0.25-2.22

dhea sample pm 0.48 ref range 0.25-2.22

dhea to cortisol 0.0038 ref range 0.015 -0.150

dhea mean 0.83

notes say dhea to cortisol is normal and HPA axis is balanced.

hope this is ok

thanks so much


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