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blood results


Hoping someone can shed some light on my blood results for iron. I have been suffering for 2 years now with tiredness, hair loss at the front, no sex drive, sleep problems, depression with no answers!! I have researched online and apparently my ferritin and hemaglobin levels could be causing my hair loss but my iron is high? How is this possible?!

Haemaglobin concentration 134 g/l (115.0-165.0)

Serum iron 28 umol/l 9.0-27.0) above reference limit

Serum ferritin 29 ug/l (15.0-150.0)

I was also checked for celiac disease anti tissue transglutaminase and it was 0.3 it says 0.4 upwards is considered borderline positive so surely I'm close? Maybe I wasn't eating enough gluten?!

The doctors are doing nothing more for me and life is miserable right now.

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Hi Laralou.

Could also be Adrenal Function, which may not be working as it should. Have you considered other possibilities. The TGA test for Gluten, may suggest you are intolerant or Sensitive. When you have Adrenal insufficiency, that may lead to Gluten intolerance, this was not in my case, however I did have a dairy intolerance.

Hope that helps


Hi Monica,

Thanks for ur reply. I haven't thought thought other possibilities really. I think I definitely have a problem with gluten since I had my child 2 years ago. I'm going to cut it out a bit see how I get on. Back to the doctors tomorrow see what they say next


Hi Laralou, it looks to me as if your ferritin is almost at the bottom, I'd guess you need to bring this up. I believe that the body cannot us it's iron properly if the ferritin is too low, which would make sense of having low iron symptoms even though the lab test shows you above rl.


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