Maybe it is depression

I did try the T3, im allergic, i did try NDT and the first few days were my best in years, but what happened? now i am so distraught, i dont know if i should buy a different T3 online or just give in to the dr's and take the prozac or adderall. i want to WANT to get out of bed, and just being at the kitchen island online is too much for me, i dont want to shower anymore, c'mon such a simple task and i just cant do it. in no way am i mocking mental health, because its in my family and i have always had depression, so, i am throwing my hands up, throwing in the towel. i have a bottle of 300 T3 sitting in my house that i cannot take because of a severe allergic reaction. this CANNOT be my life

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Looking back at your posts I can see you don't ever seem to have had T3 tested - and that is the critical figure that will tell you if you are hypotthroid or not. Then I cannot see if you have had your ferritin, B12 and D3 tested. All of those need to be OPTIMAL too.

I also see that you say that you have always been depressed. I was too, and it was genuine depression. No aches and pains, no hair loss, no weight gain. I can tell the difference and if you think about it, I am sure you can too.

If, in your heart you know you are depressed then it's worth taking the antidepressants. And there is no shame in doing so.


i take 10,000IU's vitamin D a day. i have taken 25mg iron for over a month, and you are correct, i cant find results of ferretin on any lab i have had which sucks, because this is going to get expensive i realize, but i am hypo, that is for sure, i have had TSH levels tested for years, no doubt about it, i was on 75mcg levo for 8 years, and have classic hair loss, weight gain, coldness, and fatigue, ill try to find my lab results, but as far as a full panel of thyroid blood tests, i agree with you, it looks like i will have to buy one myself, my primary care is the biggest joke of a dr i have ever met, she's snarky and judgemental and i need to replace her, but the list of "to-do's" are so overwhelming, i could just lay down instead. i also take a multi vitamin daily. as far as knowing if its depression or not, you are right, we know deep down which one it is, but i have to stress, when i first took the NDT i was a new person, it felt amazing, and i want it back. thank you so much for your response as i welcome any suggestions. and trying to take T3 without a proper TSH panel to go by is probably not wise, like i said, im overwhelmed.

honestly it would be cheaper if i thought it was depression only, we like to have a name to put on our illness, it helps to cope and with research, but when you dont know exactly what it is your body needs, there is this part of you that goes crazy trying to think of what to do, fix, take, test. i could deal with depression only, i have seen people take medicine and do very well with it, i dont drink, so there is no issue with mixing antidepressants with meds, but you see, i know it is thyroid related as much as i so wish it wasnt

Do you take your supplements/vitamins with food and well away from your thyroid hormones?

Arugala, you may be allergic to one of the fillers in the T3 and NDT you tried. It may be worth trying other brands. I've been on and off antidepressants since my teens and have found them very helpful. Like thyroid hormone they take a while to work but may help you.

i agree, which one to try? that's my next step, either tiromel or thylexan?

When say 'allergic', what do you mean? Allergy to NDT was how?

not to NDT, to the fillers in T3, i got itchy on my ears, my lips, then the top of my head, my ears got hot and red, and it traveled from my head down my back and out the palms of my hands, they were so itchy swollen and red, it wasnt something that could be brushed off, it was definately allergic reaction, and the only thing i took internally that was out of my ordinary routine, was the T3, and when they make T3 tablets, the amount of actual T3 is so small, they have to add things to take up the space in the pill, those are called "fillers" and each company uses different fillers, some of them make people sick, im one of them, and ive never had an allergy to anything in my life (besides a bee sting - severly allergic) so, the first time i took it, i thought i was reacting to a spider bite (even though i never felt a bite, or saw a mark) so i took the T3 again and the same thing happened. so, there is no question as to what caused it.

Acacia is the ingredient which seems to cause the most problems. There are some ndt's, t3 and t4 that dont have it....

The other alternative is to try taking your meds with an antihistamine.

Xx. G

I mentioned a while ago to look at mast cell activation disorder... honestly a lot of your symptoms including the allergic reaction and depression are ringing alarm bells for me. Do you feel any better (emotionally) if you take antihistamine?

yes, antihistamine helps, after both reactions, i came home from work took two antihistamine, went to bed, woke up with symptoms gone.

i dont feel emontionally better when i take the antihistamines, but it helps me sleep and it took away the reaction both times.

im trying to understand the mass cell activation, what is it, and what causes it, what can i do about it? im going to read your link now, thank you for caring and for posting

wow, that is interesting, and i would have lots of questions regarding weather it was what i ingested except, the only two times i took the T3, i had the exact same reactions, and the episodes were weeks apart

I've noticed a number of sensitivities, and admit that I can put a tick next to 90% of the MCAD symptoms!! I've only recently been made aware of the condition and will be chasing up some tests with my gp after I get my thyroid issues under control :) Makes me wonder how many autoimmune disorders are actually connected to this. No need to thank me, we are all in this together x

May I ask do you have liver issues? I was thinking if I would mcad, I have been ill for 15 years but my liver is just fine. So I figured I might just have histamine issues because of untreated hashi. Otherwise those symptoms go hand in hand with hashi most parts.

It was so sais mcad during the years gets worse and might lead to death. I regardless of years being ill am better than some years ago after fixing my diet and taking b12.

I guess I just don't want to have mcad :( even having any diagnosis would help.

I'm sorry I don't know enough about the condition yet, I've just started investigating for myself. No, I don't appear to have liver issues but do have impaired kidney function. I also have problems draining lymph fluid (leading to accumulation of lipomatous fat). I don't want mcas either!! But if it can be diagnosed, it can be treated.

You're right about the symptoms going hand in hand with Hashi. I believe it could also explain fibromyalgia, etc. In fact there's a probability that a host of modern syndromes could be rationalised by this one autoimmune condition.

i am feeling very ill today, i took two NDT at the same time and im very nauseaus, i guess that dose is too high all at once.


Can you please say which brand and tablet size of NDT you are taking? Most people on desiccated thyroid split their daily dose across the day in two or three bites. For example, some first thing in the morning, some early afternoon and maybe a little at bedtime.


its thiroyd by greater pharma at 60mgs per tablet

Do they? I thought most people took it one go. I certainly take mine all in one go. Maybe we should run a poll?

Xx g

I am sorry you are having awful problems.

Do you mean when you take the T3 you have that your skin/body reacts into blotches etc and you feel very unwell?

Have you tried taking an anti-histamine 1 hour before you take the T3. If you have no problems you would be sensitive to something in the fillers/binders.

As I quote from Dr Lowe "Thyroxine is what we call an "orthomolecular" substance. This means that thyroxine is natural to the human body and necessary for health. Allergic reactions to orthomolecular substances are incompatible with health and extremely rare."

(so my assumption is that liothyronine is also orthomolecular).

That doesn't mean the fillers/binders in those products cannot affect us.

Have you tried Nature-Throid or WP Thyroid which are both hypoallergenic?

when i took levo only, i never had a reaction, and on the NDT it seemed to really help, i was so frustrated today, and remember reading on stop the thyroid madness, that some of us are afraid to up our doses, and we stay sick as a result, so, i pulled the trigger and instead of taking only 1 NDT i took two and a couple hours later realize it was too much, but im feeling better now, and about an hour ago, i took antihistamine, so, that did help.

You should only increase your dose gradually, not double the dose in a couple of hours i.e. 1 grain then increase by 1/2 grain onwards.

i know, i dont know what i thought would happen, that i would feel "great" and want to leave the house today maybe. i had to cancel with my mom and she doesnt understand my thyroid issues, that it takes over my social life. im just feeling bad for myself

thiroyd greater pharma, i feel a little better, and i do have a journal for my thyroid meds, i took both at 7:30am this morning, the dose is 60mg. im not good with the t3/t4 ratios

I'm glad you feel a little better. Maybe your body has to get used to taking the T3. You say you've only taken it twice previously.

yes, i only took it twice, and i only took half a pill (i bit it in half) they're only 25mg but i decided to half them anyway, and i am thinking that was good decision. i didnt want it to be the T3 but like i said, i took them both times weeks apart and had exact symptoms both times. at least i know

Arugala, two x 60mg is very probably too much all at once. It might even be too high a dose for you anyway. More is not always best when it comes to thyroid hormones, which are potent medications.

But even if this is the correct dose for you, you would probably feel much better by taking one in the morning and one in the early afternoon.

You ideally should take a much more measured approach to this. It is usual to start with a relatively low dose and gradually increase over time. Ideally the dose increasing should also be done in relation to blood testing, so that you have some idea of the levels of T4 and T3 you are putting into your body.

The histamine reactions you're experiencing when you take thyroid medications may not be allergies to the pills themselves, but something caused by a combination of things, such as the level of thyroid hormone you've introduced into your body in conjunction with foods you may have consumed. There is a definite connection between thyroid hormone levels and histamine issues. Interesting article on this here

i take prempro for hot flashes every night, i try to take medicines at different times, but its hard, i also have to take prilosec, so i take that in the morning, and i drink coffee, (which can affect meds) i had the tingling of my lip both time about half hour after taking the t3, that seems like a reaction to a medicine. and i do keep a journal of my NDT so i dont forget and overdose on it. thank you all for being so kind, and im aware i might have done things that you all might never do, but there is a lot of info, some different from others. i will say, i can tell i took too much today, but it wasnt an allergy but a symptom of overmedicating, and that was with the NDT only. its such a sensitive medicine and me being highly sensitive to medicine only make it harder to get the right dose. but i didnt give up yet.

It would be very helpful for everyone who tries to help for you to tell us all these things you have and take. Your profile here is currently blank - that is the usual place people put some background information.

I can't put together a picture of what you take and when. Nor to what extent you are aware of possible interactions between thyroid medicines and food, drinks (other than water), supplements and other medicines.

Don't try to answer here - put the effort into putting things into your profile.

i see how that would be very helpful, and now ive updated my profile.

Prilosec is a proton pump inhibitor, which lowers your stomach acid. Taking this may very well be the cause of your histamine reactions when you take certain thyroid medications, because the low stomach acid is allowing things to get through that normally would not.

Doctors automatically assume that GERD is caused by too much stomach acid, when in many cases (especially in hypothyroidism) it can actually be caused by Hiatus Hernia. See this abstract of a research paper on the subject here

There is also evidence to suggest that long term use of proton pump inhibitors may do more harm than good anyway. See this article

i just read an article last night about that exact topic, i was going to pick up the hydrochloric acid or ACV (apple cider vinegar) tomorrow

I found ACV did the job for me, so hopefully it will for you. I used to take a couple of teaspoons of ACV diluted in water before bed. It stopped the night time reflux every time :)

wow, im afraid ive been taking it (prilosec) too long, now what to do?

Well I'm no expert in these things, but I think that you need to *gradually reduce* your prilosec dose until you can stop taking it altogether. It needs to be done gradually to minimise the rebound effect. Hopefully taking the ACV will help you to reduce the prilosec.

ill go to the website you posted to be sure, thank you, it would be awesome to eliminate a health issue from my list.

yes, your right, its too much at once.

oh, i see what you mean by histamine reaction (i had to look it up) and also the connection between too low stomach acid causing problems. i drink too much coffee, and i learned to make coffee they use acid to cure the beans, so prolonged habit of coffee can not be good.

And coffee might contain a lot of molds unfortunately. That ain't healthy either. I react to different brands and during the years learned which I can drink. But I drink very little these days anyways.

if i didnt need the estrogen, i wouldnt take it, i tried to live with the flashes at first and it was totally impossible, same with the prilosec, if i miss a day, i get severe GURD, so, i dont take things unless i really need to. and i try as hard as i can between working and whatnot, to be aware of everything i take and when i take it. i just dont want anyone to think i take things willynilly. i couldnt do it without all the posts and replys from you all, thank you

Arugula this may not help you but I had annoying menopausal symptoms (hot flashes, night sweats, couldn't sleep etc) and stomach issues (IBS, some foods went straight through me, major cramps etc) I started on T3 only but following a major dietary change including going gluten and dairy free, supplementing Vit D & K3, magnesium, potassium, iron, b-complex, folic acid and B12 injections plus I supported my adrenals - then I introduced the T3, very slowly, a quarter of a tablet (four times a day) for two weeks, then increased one of those doses to half a tablet a day (with the other three at a quarter) for a week and so on, it took me over two months to get anywhere near the daily dose I'm on now but I've never gone hyper and I feel 100% better (plus all my menopause and IBS symptoms have gone) - so this is a long winded way of trying to give you hope that if you take things slowly and really prioritise your diet and supplements (I set alarms on my phone to remind me when to take things) you may be able to recover finally X

you are so brave, i mean that, i dont have it in me, and i wish i did, but im one of the shortcut people on here, there are the ones that make a complete lifestyle change, and it does work, i actually work for a chiropractor and hear his words to patients every day, and i do not understand how someone my age can change all those things, and you deserve to feel better, but im a short cut person, i want the magic pill, without doing the work. im honest, thats for sure, and some people who read this wont like what im saying, but im not lying. im not a bad person, and i like to help people and i try to be strong in so many ways, but some things im not ready for, and that is drinking water, i hate water, strongly dislike, ive never even heard another person say it, but it sucks.

ive gone through a lot of hard things just so i dont look like a weak person, i raised my son by myself while working two jobs at once. i overcame more than one addiction, and because of that, i guess i feel like i deserve to drink coffee and not eat healthy food. but i know, im hurting myself, i have an ongoing battle inside myself, one saying to fight - the other - to give up. im attracted to the wrong guys, still! at my age, but i also dont think im good enough for a nice guy, so, i stay single, and that isnt living, i can stand back and analyze myself honestly.

the one thing i can say now after learning about my thyroid is im not lazy, and it was important for me to see that. i couldnt understand why i wanted to do things but couldnt, no one else understands that except you people, no one, its hard to wrap your mind around, so, i talk to you guys like family and family stick together, we support each other and we dont judge, so, that is how i feel right now. but today is a good day. my NDT is working, i got out of bed, and im going to work, my son is healthy and he makes me proud. i believe in God, and will thank him on my way to work for believing in me. i might take this post down during the day. but right now, im posting it, i need to get it out.

ANY anti-depressant will negate your thyroxine.

that is important information. thank you

So sorry Arugala that you are so unwell.

I'm pretty sure my own symptoms, including depression (+ many that match with hypothyroid) are magnesium deficiency, how about taking a look - but do keep searching for medical sites, not the ones selling magnesium.

Hi Arugla, No you NOT depressed - you are b****y frustrated! Your 'mind' is still working very logically for you - your brain neurotransmitters are making your body and mind respond differently to what is going on in your body physiologically!

I am not a medic, just another c****d up person with a Thyroid problem! I am autoimmune (Hashimotos). my Thyroid gland is kaput for one of many reasons!

please do NOT take Any more different drugs that are not specifically for your Thyroidism.The admins and others here can help with blood test results and suggestions for Vits to take etc etc., something I find more complicated to follow.

The pills you mention are possibly ending up in your liver and being carried via your bloodstream to your brain and neurotransmitters. They are toxic! I have been self experimenting for just over a year, having initially had a brain aneurysm almost 3 yrs ago, so Brain Injury effects has given me me a personal insight into what happens with the brain and neurotransmitters. My husband told me I could have died, after the haemorrhage and short lived coma that followed the Aneurysm. I didn't believe him then, I do now, after months of personal Internet research about that, my thyroid and why I now have an autoimmune Thyroid problem.

You may well have an allergic problem, I can't answer that part for you, but worth checking out with your doc., or some personal research into the things you say you are allergic to, in conjunction with Thyroxine. Please remember we are all individuals, we all react differently to different meds. Check out or labtestonline, where

you can compare and contrast!

ask your doctor for a copy of your blood test results and post them on here, the admins and some others are excellent at interpreting them, and suggesting other things you can do, but I find results a bit complicated, I don't do technical because of my Bi,

unfortunately nothing will give you instant results in terms of wellbeing but one thing I have learnt is that I can take only Thyroxin safely, it's the other meds and complications that stuffed me up. I know exactly how you feel right At this moment, been there done that and sorry I'm a bit late to see your post, I have been involved with other personal non related matters.

Please keep in touch on here, let us know how things are going, it's your Thhroid, Morale and self esteem we need to get up and running again.

Sending you a virtual hug, don't give up, you'll get plenty of support and help on here.

Also sorry but I've become a somewhat self proclaimed analyst of facts and circumstances, thanks to my own health situation,more genes I inherited from my Dad guess! In his day, He was a qualified and government employed Psychoanalyst for some hardnuts in prison! A civil Servant?

At least us lot on here can help and support each other. I hope you will have slept better, by the time you read this. sambs x

PS please remember I'm just a patient like you, all above is based on my own health and research which has been quite illuminating for me. I am NOT medically qualified in any way, just a frustrated pensioner now living in France - Health Unlocked has been and is my lifeline here.


im loving the virtual hug. thank you, i have a pretty bad habit of spurting out all kinds of stuff im thinking and then i look like a lunatic.

ive decided im making an appt with a new primary care doctor, and i will insist on some things being tested, (not that ill get what i want, but hey, its worth a try) i havent seen any labs of mine that include any ferretin results, what is that panel called? anyone who knows what i should ask for i welcome your response. also a full thyroid panel and if my insurance wont test all that i should be tested for, im going to have to order them. not sure the name of the thyroid panel i should have either. ive looked some up, but i guess there are more than i thought, like iodine and vitamin D, if i take 10,000iu's vit D per day, that is plenty am i right?

the desiccated thyroid does work for me, i wanted a bunch of energy so i took too much at once, and now after reading your post, im lucky i didnt cause permanent damage. thank you for reminding me how sensitive all the T's are.

i cant make decisions without correct lab numbers, but i did post all my thyroid numbers from when i first got diagnosed. and the administrators are my savior. they have brought my way of thinking back to reality more than once.

ill be careful, and ill take the right steps, i dont want to feel like i did over the weekend again.

virtual hug right back at ya!!!

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