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Hot flushes

Hi All, i am 53 & in menopause. I was having BIG hot flushes all of this year until i stopped soya milk & flax seed supplements - i basically cut down drastically on phytoestrogens. The flushes eased considerably to really just being 'warmings' :) and i was able to sleep better and not be so drained with sweating buckets every two hours 24/7. It was then that i realised that my fatigue etc was not improving, so i went digging and found that i have Hashimoto's. I immediately went gluten free, and started ACV (1 tsp a day is all i can tolerate), iron supplements, and digestive enzymes 3 times a day; i was already taking high dose Vit C powder and quality probiotics. I also started some NDT about 10 days after starting the ACV & iron & enzymes - however, within 24 hours of starting on the NDT my flushes returned to being quite bad again. :(

What are others' experience of this, or am i unusual in this regard? Or might it be due to the ACV - as apples are quite high in phytoestrogens, i am wondering about ACV (i cannot find any info on this).

Thanks :)

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I'm sorry you've had no replies, Moolie. Perhaps you could cut the ACV for a few days to see whether the hot flushes improve.

Low B12 can cause night sweats so it may be worth having B12 and folate tested. Folic acid has been demonstrated to reduce menopausal flushes.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


Thank you. I have already stopped the ACV since making the post and they have started to calm down a bit. I alternate B12 with B6 (one tablet of each every other day) as my B12 levels were quite high when tested, although the doc said that high levels of B12 are well tolerated, so i might try B12 every day for a while and see how i go. I am taking 20mg Solgar iron gently daily and have 400 microgrammes of folic acid as part of a quality multi vit & min supplement (which is iron free) so i hope that i am getting sufficient of both (ferritin levels were 38 when tested, so within 'normal' range but well below optimum levels). Thank you for your help :)


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