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NDT 3 weeks now, feeling back to being tired again


What's the deal, I felt great for a week and now feeling like a truck hit me when o wake up. Has this happened to you? Should I give it more time?

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Perfectly normal to feel good on a dose in the beginning, and then the symptoms come creeping back. It just means that it's time for an increase in dose, that's all.

A bit more detail would help. How much are you taking now? How long have you been on that dose? If it's more than two weeks, try increasing by half a grain.

Leilany in reply to greygoose

I started with a grain a day since I was already doing synthroid for years, I increased to a half of a grain and started feeling tired again a week later. Am I not suppose to feel the full effect until 4-6 weeks as the hormone it not totally in my body yet?

greygoose in reply to Leilany

NDT can be increased more quickly up to 2 grains. The six-week wait is for T4 only, because it not only has to be absorbed but converted for you to feel the full effect.

So, you are now on 1 1/2 grains, and have been on that dose for two weeks - is that correct? I would say you could go up to 2 grains, and then hold that for about 6 weeks.

Leilany in reply to greygoose

That is correct..Yea my t4 was fine but t3 low so that's why I started NDT, seems like synthroid was t working anymore. So your saying t3 will be felt right away? Then why hold for 6 weeks? For the t4 to convert?

I am being monitored by my doctor and now since adding the half a grain almost out of my prescription, so now I have to just take it as directed, which is one grain. I don't know what to do.

Just got labs done yesterday after taking my morning dose, and now I hear you shouldn't take your meds before labs, so t3 might look fine to her and she won't increase. But I still feel aweful

greygoose in reply to Leilany

T3 may work almost straight away, dépends on the person, but Don't forget there's T4 in NDT, and that is going to have a sort of delayed reaction.

It builds up slowly and your T3 may look good if you test just after the second/third increase, but then it is going to increase because of the T4 that is being converted.

The six week wait is so that the T4 can catch up, as it were. So that as much of the T4 that is going to be converted, is converted so you know exactly where you are.

Don't think I explained that very well, but hope you see what I mean. If you just go on increasing and increasing without waiting, you're going to miss your sweet-spot.

Leilany in reply to greygoose

Yes I get the picture, I'm just being impatient, I guess I should stay were my


Put me and test to see where we are. She was against taking another half before labs, but everyone does it as that is how NDT works and she doesn't know that.

I'm thinking to just add cytomel with synthroid so Everyone is on the same Page. And they can monitor both separately

greygoose in reply to Leilany

It's an idea. See what suits you best. :)

Leilany in reply to greygoose

Sorry...I have been on NDT for a full 3 weeks


You can increase your dose of NDT every two weeks and this is a link which might be helpful.


STICKING WITH TOO LOW A DOSE. For a myriad of reasons, this happens often for those on NDT or even T3-only and will make you feel even more hypo due to feedback loop suppression. Have one of these been true of you?

a) being held on a starting dose longer than two weeks (such as one grain, 1 1/2 grains or less)

b) being bound by the directives of a TSH-obsessed doctor. The TSH lab test only keeps you sick.

c) failing to get a raise of desiccated thyroid until the “next labwork”, which can be weeks and months away

d) following an inaccurate Synthroid-to-Armour type conversion equivalence chart.

e) being afraid to go higher!


Always take a note of your temp and pulse about 3 times a day till you feel much better.

On Sunday I woke up at about 8 am got washed and dressed by 10 am I was exhausted and fell asleep on my sofa slept for nearly 4 hours had something to eat and a coffee still felt tired so sat and watched the TV I woke up some 2 and a half hours later this is how my days have gone of late so I made an appointment with my doctor he was amazed when I told him I had a sugar sweet and I felt energised for a while I know I am diabetic as well as having no thyroid plus I've had strokes and have one or three more things wrong with me I am lucky as are a lot of people who have my doctors as they tend to listen to us my doc is now doing a fast blood test for both my sugar and my thyroid as he says it has to be one thing upsetting the other the other so he has every intention of finding out why I am feeling so exhausted as if I feel like I've been run over by a truck as I have no life in me at the mo moral of story go back to your doc and talk to them they will probably do a blood test to see what your levels are my doc said the fasting blood test is more true than the rest but I have not had one of those for years

Leilany in reply to belford

Thank you for

Your input I do appreciate it. I will definitely be going back if u can't

Fix this as I have two children under two to keep up with, I hate waking up feeling so so tired and can't function for them

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